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Info for Eugene, OR Fans Attending Portland Mississippi Studios Show

We now have a charter bus to transport folks to/from Portland's Mississippi Studios day of show, SAT January 12th. DETAILS:

Bus Departs EUGENE @ 4:30PM, from Eugene Christian Fellowship Church 89780 North Game Farm Road, Eugene, OR 97408 COST: $35 Roundtrip; Pay Through PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/, you do not need an account) to Paula Boggs, email: paula@paulaboggs.com. Bus Leaves Mississippi Studios @ 10PM, returning to EUGENE Christian Fellowship Church parking lot.

Drop me a line either on FB or email: paula@paulaboggs.com with any questions.

This will be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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Reflections on 2012 and 2013

2012 was a great year of music growth and richness: Paula Boggs Band did 6 shows, I wrote 4 songs and "A Buddha State of Mind" appears on Songwriters in Seattle's 2012 Compilation CD. Along the way we amassed almost 3600 social media listeners/fans...so THANK YOU! I also joined the boards of School of Rock LLC, KEXP and Peabody Conservatory's National Advisory Board. Collectively these organizations -- cutting across classical, jazz, rock, roots, world, blues, folk -- inspire and fuel my love for all things music. And, I'm able to help.

The Band kicks off 2013 with our first Portland show on January 12th @ renowned venue Mississippi Studios and soon we'll have a producer for our next record. I got ukelele lessons for XMAS so look forward to learning a new instrument too. I love fellow band members Sandy, Brian, Tor and Mark...and after almost 6 years playing together they've become family. So a big YES to 2013's promise. STAY TUNED!!

Grammys Voting

As a voting member of the Recording Academy (The Grammys) it's time to get to it! So who do YOU think is this year's best new artist: Alabama Shakes, The Lumineers, Frank Ocean, Fun. OR Hunter Hayes?

MY "Top 15" 2012 Records

Lots of radio stations and mags are listing their "top" 2012 albums. In alphabetical order here are 15 albums that made me stop, look & listen (How about you?): 1. "awE naturalE" by THEESatisfaction 2. "Babel" by Mumford & Sons 3."Banga" by Patti Smith 4. "Black Radio" by Robert Glasper 5. "Blunderbuss" by Jack White 6. "Channel ORANGE" by Frank Ocean 7. "El Camino" by The Black Keys 8. "Living for a Song - A Tribute to Hank Williams" by Jamey Johnson 9. "Leaving Eden" by Carolina Chocolate Drops 10. "The Lumineers" by The Lumineers 11. "Old Ideas" by Leonard Cohen 12. "Radio Music Society" by Esperanza Spalding 13. "Searching for Sugarman" by Rodriguez 14. "Slipstream" by Bonnie Raitt 15. "Tempest" by Bob Dylan

SoulFood Books Show TONIGHT: Redmond, WA, 8-10PM PST

For those somewhere else, you can stream our Paula Boggs Band show live with link below:


SoulFood is a dwelling for dreamers, musicians, artists, and world changers. We have housed life changing events such as weddings, the first steps of our littlest tribe members, and the moments of courage it takes to sing in front of a crowd for the first time. We have stormed city hall to sing about being alive, hosted the youth of Redmond to speak and show their truth, listened to our breath, and danced together. We are a vibrant, dynamic community that is making our mark on this world.

Music and Community

There's something about music and community. Last week I lunched with Peabody Conservatory's Director Jeff Sharkey. Jeff is a visionary who while honoring Peabody's storied past is also zeroing in on how best to keep Peabody relevant in an age where online education, blogging and "access" so deeply shape how many of us learn, buy, sell and enjoy music. Jeff also sees the unique opportunity Peabody has to expose school-kids to classical music and jazz across the socio-economic and racial divide.

Meanwhile, on Saturday I attended the open house for School of Rock's new Bellevue, WA (USA) location. The school was crammed with 8-18 year olds and their parents. The buzz was infectious; particularly as legendary Santana drummer Michael Shrieve hosted a jammed and jamming master class. The Seattle "burbs" have thirsted for School of Rock and I suspect the Bellevue school will fill a gaping community need.

This week I've continued discussions with a Canadian filmmaker who is considering licensing 1+ of my original songs for an upcoming documentary focused on rivers around the globe. As I enter an exciting new life phase, writing music in support of causes I believe in inspires me as much as anything.

More soon and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and fans!

Water Scarcity & Music

Today was cool. I got a chance to meet a Canadian filmmaker who is considering me to write 1+ songs for a documentary on water scarcity set to release in 2014. This is such an important issue and I realize there's so much for me to learn about our planet. No time like the present to get educated and fuse that knowledge with musical expression. Stay tuned!

America the Beautiful

There's something about running through our nation's capital on a sunny fall day. The Potomac sparkles, burnt orange leaves drift against a royal blue sky and the monuments remind how this running route is unlike any other. Runners of varying age and talent, cyclists and walkers cross into Virginia with Arlington National Cemetery ahead and around.

Plowing forward, I discern the faintest hint of bagpipes and as I pass a long black stretch limo and tour bus, an older black man in uniform nods -- signaling it's OK for me to go forward towards the Women's Veteran Memorial. I approach with curiosity and emotion, recalling my own service but more importantly the sacrifice women before and after me have made so we may all be free. I ascend a staircase between glass walls allowing me to peer into this sacred place. Upon reaching the top, rows and rows of simple white markers announce the final resting place of heroes.

As I turn, the best of our nation's capital -- Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and Memorial Bridge beyond the Cemetery -- provoke a spontaneous and unexpected response; I am overcome with the emotion of this moment.

God Bless America.

A Positive Statement About The US Election

The United States is the greatest nation on earth. We have become and stayed great by honoring liberty, free enterprise, government of, for and by the people, community and shared sacrifice. Though we do not always live up to our ideals, when Americans are at our best, we strive for them individually and as a people. The President’s job is to lead our nation over the next 4 years toward these ideals now and for future generations.

As a nation, we are still struggling through the effects of the worst recession since The Great Depression and two recent wars that have drained us financially and emotionally. No matter how we got here, the next President must lead us forward. And, he works for US and should act like it.

Here’s what we must do:

1. Get our financial house in order. This will require hard choices and shared sacrifice – not only by individuals but by our government. And, our President must lead. 2. Grow the economy. The next President must (a) support job creation; (b) help insure the greatest number of Americans have the requisite skills for those jobs, and (c) support an environment, consistent with free enterprise and necessary regulation, where US business wins. 3. Ensure we are safe and have the means to act in our national security interest while appropriately supporting Americans who serve our country in uniform. 4. Leave for our children an environment that is no worse than what we inherited, and is ideally a better one. 5. Be a place where no one is unduly handicapped by race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability and/or beliefs from becoming the best American he or she can be for himself/herself, his/her family, his/her community and his/her nation.

President Obama and Governor Romney both love America. They differ on HOW to define some of these terms (e.g. "necessary regulation" and "unduly" in #5) and HOW we get there (e.g. fiscal responsibility, national security, etc.). They also differ on WHEN we get there and in prioritization. These are important differences and they give Americans a clear choice. That's good for our democracy. There should be no debate though on WHY our next President must lead America responsibly, with courage and with vision through steps 1-5.

Open Mic @ SoulFood Books

Last night I attended an open mic @ SoulFood Books in Redmond, WA. I got there too late to play -- sign-up's @ 5pm -- but stayed for 3 hours anyway to take it in. SoulFood's an amazing venue -- welcoming and imbued with a great sound system. Over the past 6 years it's become the unofficial home of musicians, poets, counterculturalists, seekers and those who don't fit in elsewhere.

Every first Saturday, from 5 to sometimes midnight, parents and their teen musicians, crusty old farts, folk and alt rock singers on the rise, angry and/or enlightening poets, the atonal and sublime show up for themselves and folks in the room.

The "show" is streamed on Tribe.tv and the whirr of espresso machines, crystals and Buddha-ware belies what Redmond is mostly known for -- Microsoft.

Thanks to Clint McCune and his merry band of guys and gals who gift us this special place -- Redmond would be way more square without you!