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Help The CJB Make a Wish!

The CJB will be competing in the Make A Wish Urban Challenge Utah 2011 on June 25. We can get ahead start on scoring "points" for the competition by collecting donations from people like YOU! Click the link below to donate.



Summer 2011

BBQ's are heating up coolers are full of ice. Yeah it's summer time and the CJB is proud to announce it's busiest summer schedule ever! We will be hitting the West coast hard this summer playing shows from Coeur Da Lene to San Diego, Denver to San Francisco, Seattle to Phoenix and every where in between. Please stay informed on facebook/twitter/myspace or text CodiJordan to 90210 for up to the minute info on shows deals and info!

Also, besides tons of shows at your favorite local spots we want to make sure you know about a few events coming up soon that we would love to see you at:

June 11, Viva SLC: This is going to be a strait up ALL AGES Rager at the Gallivan, downtown SLC. Presented by CJB friend Big Rog at 97.5 the Blaze this will be full of good ol rock n roll and fun!

Link: http://www.975theblaze.com/viva_salt_lake/event/87

June 14-18: Heading through ID to chill with all the "Idahomies" check FB or MS for dates towns and times!

June 24: Liquid Joes SLC: 21+ we got some good newcomers to the SLC scene opening up. If you've been to Joes you know this place goes off for CJB shows

June 25 Make a Wish Fundraiser: CJB loves the kids. The band will be competing in the 2011 URBAN CHALLENGE UTAH!!! We'll be navigating through SLC completing multiple challenges to test mind and body then putting on a free show at Gallivan around 2pm all in the name of Make a Wish! For info on how to help us raise money check for updates on Facebook!

Link: http://urbanchallengeutah.com/

July 4th: Home town get down at Huntsville park 5pm FREE!

July 5th-10th: Southern California, check FB for dates towns times

July 16-17: Utah Reggae Fest at the Ogden Amphitheater we play Saturday but make sure to pick up your all access tickets for both days at www.ticketcake.com

Link: http://ticketcake.com/ogden-amphitheater/utah-reggae-festival/2011-07-16

July 21-27: Colorado check FB for times towns and dates

July 29th: Oyster Ridge music Festival, this one sounds fun! Throw the tent in the truck and cruise over to Kemmer WY for a couple of days of music and fun! CJB headlines this one so we are supper excited!

Link: http://oysterridgemusicfestival.com/

Anyway that is just a taste of things we've got going for the first Half of the Summer, Aug and Sept look to be just as insane. We will update as soon as everything is set!


P.S. Don't forget to check out official CJB sponsors:

www.aztechighway.com www.ogdensown.com

CJB staying connected!

Yo! Codi here, the band and I are going to work harder on staying up on or IT stuff and keeping the people informed on whats going on with the CJB, everything from day to day info, to major concert announcements, pics, stories from the road and more! Thanks for listening check back for details. CJB