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Working on new songs

Hi again, I am working on a couple of new ideas, and the folks I run ideas by seem to like them, so, onward, and upward! Thanks to those who have taken the time to sign up for the mailing list, that is very important to an artist. A solid base of contacts that enjoy the artist, on any level, is essential to success.

Ok now, that said, The current songs are bringing some positive feedback, and I cannot wait to get some of the older things I wrote recorded. In a way, most of them are indicative of a slow grueling trip out of a dark depression, into the light of sanity???

Another thing on that subject. I believe that what I need is a beautiful young lady that can make me fall madly in love, and then just stop by every year or so and keep my whole life such a mess, that I can still write the good songs. The chaotic "help me I'm falling!" lifestyle that emotional state produces, really sucks, but hey, it's all about the music, RIGHT?

Talk to you soon, and, oh, if anyone actually reads this far, Please message me with subject line, BLOW HARD! HAHAHAHA

BloG, BloG, BloG

Hello folks! I was finally able this year to get some songs recorded. Most of my music these days is my attempt to place some of life's hard knocks into a humorous perspective. It is not really comedy, but many of those who have experienced some of the things I sing about do find them pretty funny. I had an idea a while back about the way people have been reconnecting after years apart via the various Internet forums, such as classmates.com and others. The "going thing" today is facebook, so that became the focus of a song, "Do You Think We Could Make It This Time?" I try to make all my lyrics of commonly spoken phrases, so it won't sound like I had to "reach" to make a rhyme or something. I Hope you all like the songs.