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Kathy Williams (Keren) / Blog

Ibsen's A Doll's House

Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Ever since Ibsen told Nora to leave a Doll’s House nothing has been the same. She is many things. Most of all, she is free.

Taking A Leap Of Faith

Taking A Leap Of Faith Jesus it’s a hard road And I pray for something better I know you died for my sins I am no longer the dutiful daughter I can’t wait any longer to live I pray for forgiveness

Little Doll

Little Doll Little doll, where’s your mommy Does she know How bad you’re hurting Did she see you down in the hallway Did she kneel to pick you up Did she hear you always crying Does she know Your shameful tale Little doll I think there’s something you should know Oh mommies can Always tell when we are weeping Mommies can even see us When we sleep Oh don’t think Because she doesn’t say A word at all That your momma doesn’t know Each time you fall Little doll Did they tell you Not to whisper Little doll did they tell you Not to tell Little doll don’t you ever Keep their secret Mommies can hear you When you call Oh little doll I think there’s something You should know Oh little doll I can tell You’re hurting so Don’t be afraid To tell your momma She will always be there Your momma can always hear Each time you fall

An Unforgiving Heart

An Unforgiving Heart Jesus forgave the people Who nailed Him to the cross This is what I’ve been thinking: If Jesus could forgive Why can’t I? If Jesus could forgive Why can’t you? How can you go to Church And pray every day With an unforgiving heart? I may have said some things That I didn’t mean Don’t crucify my Saviour To get your revenge If Jesus could forgive Then why can’t I? If Jesus could forgive Then why can’t you? You laughed at me for years now You think I didn’t know I’m crying happy tears now My Jesus runs the show If I don’t see you in the morning This one thing always know They crucified my Saviour They nailed him to the cross He asked God to forgive them My saviour is the boss

The Beginning Of The Beginning

It's the beginning of everything I ever wanted. I love my children and I could never replace them, and I have aspired to these moments for a very long time. I am overcoming every obstacle and hurdle to reach this aspiration. With God's help, I have come a long way. There were many times when I did not know what to do, but I just held on to God's unchanging Hand, and He made a way. He made a way out of no way, and He is still there making a way. The devil doesn't want us to Glorify God by living out His will for us so he tries everything he can to keep us from fulfilling God's Master Plan. It's o.k. Me and my faith equal to the size of a mustard seed will continue on. Nothing is too much for God to handle. He can give it his best shot. it's no match for God. God is almighty and Holy. He made the world. He made me. No worries. God is in this place..

Who Broke Up With Who?

Who Broke Up With Who? You’ve been talkin bout me all over town Telling people how you had to put me down Well I know that it’s not true Tell me who broke up with who? Who broke up with who? I broke up with you I told you we were through Who broke up with who? So you’re actin’ smart and talkin big Say you let me go For someone new Well I ask you now And I’ll tell the world Who broke up with who? Who broke up with who? I told you we were through Tell me that it’s true Who broke up with who?

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds I take you out I let you in I let you fall I let you win I am the game And I exist To run the board Until the end Me and my dirty deeds Me and my dirty deeds

I Love You Guys!

I am shot down at every turn and sometimes it gets to me, but I know that The Lord Will Prevail. What's meant for me that is good will come to me. My Merry is sick and I am sad about that. Bless Show Me The Music Contest. I am finalist. Bless BMI. I have signed with them as a songwriter. Bless my my fan on reverbnation and my fans from Myspace. May The Lord Bless You in a mighty way. Bless NBRN.FM. Ya'll should listen. Good stuff. Bless all you guys who bring me to life when I talk to you. May you find peace and happiness in all your walks through life. I love you guys!


We never knew what kind of grits we'd get at our house. One day they'd be thick. One day they'd be soupy. One day they'd be lumpy. We never knew. I liked the lumpy.

I Have Sung Again

I just uploaded a new song titled "Mordrid In Our Lives". Hope you check it out along with my other two songs "Can You Hear Me" and "Don't Let Them Let Go". I have words so I keep singing. Any musicians interested let's talk.