4 Track Jones / Blog


Hey folks trying to figure out a blog I am not much of a blogger but I am ok at typing. I am always working on new tracks and trying to muster up old tracks that I think might be a playable song for my band Jasons Trash. So this is one of the places I look my old 4TJ scratch tracks and I have over 100 more of these and it has worked pretty good so far. So if there is a particular song anyone might think JT should work on and put into our set let us know. Having other inputs before we start a new project or even begin one is priceless info and only you can create that for us! So I think that is enough for this blog make sure to join me every goonday at 14:30 the 8th day of the week for my latest blog that means I dont blog much because it seems like I am talking to myself too much at one time and it trips me out. But whatever Im out Peace and luv to all my ends and freinds out in the east side late.