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Help Name Our Band

As you know (bc we've talked about it nonstop), WE HAVE A BAND!! But...we don't quite have a name. We have a prospect and we want your input. Our top pick right now is "Pee in the Pool". What do you think? Can you hear us being announced onstage? "INTRODUCING THE F'N MARKET FEATURING PEE IN THE POOL!!!" If not, what are your thoughts? Help us name our band!

HItting the Stage

February 17th we are hitting the Pour House stage as one of the acts in the Rap/Rock Concert series. Ladies, you know we love to see you in the building and y'all are free all night. And we just might be giving you a sneak preview of that band you keep hearing us talk so much about. Tell a friend to tell a friend about us. You won't be disappointed. IT'S THE F'N!!

All in an F'n Day

Today we started band auditions and if today is any indication of how things are going to go in 2013, y'all are in for one amazing ride. We've been making history. Now we start crafting the future. IT'S THE F'N!!!

Just For You!

In an effort to continue to give you the amazing live show you've become accustomed to from The F'N, we're taking it up a notch. We're getting a band! Final cuts will be made this weekend. That's just one more reason to come check us at our next show.

We Do It For You

A major reason why we do this music thing is because of you, the fans. With that being said, we want your input. What projects do you want to see from the F'n next? What track do you want to see a video for? Maybe you can be a part of it and we can make history together.

Michelle Stallings
Michelle Stallings  (about 5 years ago)

If you do a video for "Mind Gone", a part of it should definitely be in a club....with a mosh pit. :-) i'm just saying...


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