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Oh, you don't like all i'm about so heres a list of those things!!!!!!!!!!

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!! YES, THIS IS DIRECTED AT YOU!!!!!!!!!! 1. To anyone that has ever said anything about what I wear, I don't care. (I have at least 50 I.C.P. related t-shirts which are mostly black,if its not them, it's a cartoon i love or a horror movie but mostly the clowns i represent at all times.) 2.If you don't like my music, I don't care.(I even started making totally clean and sweat music just because you thought i couldn't and you know who you are. I even have songs about God and some other very possitive tracks but you would never know it because you have yet in all these years taken the time to listen.) 2.B. Yes the music I listen to is ridiculous and if were real would make any real life person cry, but guess what its music. It does say parental advisory and last time i checked i'm over 18 so i have the common sense to know real from fake and right from wrong.) 3.I know you don't like my tattoos because you let me know repeatedly in your own way. I have bible verses and cartoons tattooed on me. In fact, i have the word love on me four different times. Please tell me again how that makes me look like a criminal? Its a stereotype just like alot of white people do to black people because of their skin. 4.Oh and this is a good one. You never liked my energy drink consumption on the daily. Last time i checked most of you smoke and drink among other things on the daily yet you knock me for energy drinks? You do your thing and i'll do mine but that has never been good enough. You think because you drink coffee and,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh wait you didn't know coffee gives you energy and i'm guessing you'll say the good kind, thats why people drink pots on the daily like you and wake up to it every morning 5.My dirty language is a problem. You have always said this. you do know how old i am, right? Just so you know, i have a song on my upcoming c.d., called, "Words, They Hurt". It a song full of extreemly hurtful words and various things but absolutely no curse words proving that a song doesn't have to curse to be offensive. Still, you think its the cursing along that is offensive. Is it o.k. for me to cal you fat since fat isn't a curse word? I bet you think my daughter curses right? Wrong again, but you know everything. You also think i expose her to the movies and various things i'm into, wrong again. 6.You actually think restricting or blocking a person on facebook makes any sense at all? It really doesn't. There are a million ways to still see what you post and what you say in conversation to other people that you think aren't public. Oh, how naieve old person. Yeah, i know i didn't spell that word right. 7.I'm pretty sure you have expressed your displeasure for my post many times in so many ways to myself and everyone else around you. You do know that you have to be, what is it 18 to have a facebook profile? I'm pretty sure that means if someone underage is on here and sees somethign an underage person shouldn't, it is their fault and the fault of their parents to control what they see, not the fault of the person who posted it. For instance, my music with tons of cursing in it. Facebook is not the place for an underaged person, nor is it the place for adults acted as children. Have an awesome life. God bless you. I love you so much. PS. You actually have no idea what is really going on in my life because that is kept private from facebook. Its quite a good way to be if you dont want people to know things about you. You simply don't post them. Whoa, look out, theres an idea for you.


When your in the underground you do what you want. Thats what i've always done. I make music for the fans and for myself. I have r&b type rap and dirty stuff too. I also have a group with my friend Lil Kaos from Marrero, Louisiana. I'm from New Iberia, Louisiana. I've been on too many mixtapes around the world to mention. Yes, I said around the world. My current c.d.'s to date are as follows. All released so far this year are as follows. Randy-J.-Loco Wasabi Cracker(Dirty) Randy-J.-L.W.C. B-Sides 1 Of 2(Dirty) Randy-J.-Still Tickin'(Clean) Currently in the works are... Randy-J.-L.W.C. B-Sides 2 Of 2(Dirty) Randy-J.-Emotional(Clean) Putrid(Me & Lil Kaos)-Dead & Rotting(Dirty) which are to all three be released in their entirety by Halloween of this year. Of course, i'm always working on new music on top of that. I'm always willing to take ideas for tracks from fans and also art work if they wanna create somethign for a future c.d. of mine. I'm a down to earth guy ready to talk with anyone that wants to if they hit me up on my reverb or facebook page. Whether it be dirty or clean, my music is all my real life. I will never stray from what I am to suit anyone. DOn't like me, well I don't care. I belive in being yourself and to never be ashamed of it. The whole reason that I started doing music, believe it or not, is Vanilla Ice and the Ninja Turtles. I have the tattoos of both to prove it. My other inspiration comes from the Insane Clown Posse. I don't care for too much mainstream music these days. It's all the same to me and I believe I have somethign fresh and different to offer the world. As far as working with other artists, i'll work with anyone really and give them equal opurtunity to shine. The only thing above my music is my family, blood or otherwise. I'm a single father of one daughter and I do it all for her to have a better life. I'm always here to lend an ear to talk about music or otherwise. I'll even do free shows if it's for the right reasons. I believe the music should speak for itself but some people might not like it and thats fine. It's not for everyone and thats o.k. It me and its underground. Hit me up on my facebook or reverb and even email if you wanna chat it up or work on music. Thanks again, Randy-J. reverbnation.com/randyj91 facebook.com/pages/Randy-J/291782974269970 youtube.com/user/RandyJLivingDead twitter.com/RandyJLivingDed

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ALLREADY OUT CLEAN-(Randy-J. & T-Magic)Emotional-Unconditional DIRTY-Randy-J.-L.W.C. DIRTY-Randy-J.-L.W.C. B-Sides 1 of 2

BY THE END OF THE SUMMER DIRTY-Randy-J.-L.W.C. B-Sides 2 of 2 DIRTY-(Randy-J. & Lil Kaos)Putrid-Dead And Rotting DIRTY-(Living Dead Mixtape)Crucial Underground-Vol. 1 CLEAN-Randy-J. & Vivienne-Still Tickin'



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYiZoexyqu0&feature=youtu.be "Unconditional" mixtape preview by Emotional