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mixing and mastering tracks for a new release....be on the lookout


Sorry we have been doing much or been our page here that page, but with winter storms and all it makes it a little difficult to get the things done we would like to be doing. Hopefully we will change that around soon enough.

The new CD has arrived!

We released the new Cd about a week ago and have made it available again as a free download. Go to this link, http://barelysmall.bandcamp.com/ and click on "Barely Small V" . Make sure if you want it for free that you put a "zero" in the amount box. While you are there you can also check out our other releases.

New CD

Here is the link for the new CD...http://barelysmall.bandcamp.com/album/v You can download for free by putting a "zero" in the amount line.

cheating the charts

We have always worked hard for what we have gotten, and think with the number of fans, song and video plays, and Top 10 in all of METRO Detroit (over 600 bands listed) that we have been handsomely rewarded for our efforts. What we don't like is bands or artists who use NUMEROUS fake accounts and ask people to play their music "with the speakers down" just so they get to the top. We believe this is a slap in the face to those of us, artists and bands, who work HARD and don't try to cheat the Reverbnation system.


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Been working on writing and recording some new stuff with the new equipment we purchased. One song inparticular has been in the works now (off and on) for the last 2 months and is still being worked on. It is our goal not to put any tune of ours out there until we are 100% completely satisfied with it. Cool thing is, we may even have enough to have 2 full length CD's ready to go in the very near future.

UPDATES! (and cool links and incentives?)

We have updated our recording equipment and have been busy working on new material, hence the absence of our presence on Reverbnation, but we are BACK! Also, we are in the habit, or have been, of trying to spread the word and music of those who fan us and become friends of ours. So check out www.barelysmall.blogspot.com where we are posting widgets to help out all our fans and friends! And while you are it , please make sure to stop by our Facebook page and give us a like if you enjoyed what you heard and saw here.The link is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barely-Small/136847936329210 Trust us, gives us a like on Facebook and we will be sure to do the same.