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Doing a lot of behind the scene grind to make sure what im trying to do falls in order. Had to stop depending on others to make ish happen for me. I think thats the down fall to most indy artist. People tell us they can do this and that for us and we get to comfortable relying on them when we could have already done what needed to be done 10 times. No more waiting for anyone. Game Time!

It is what it is

Today i learned the hard way that everybody isnt really for you! At a point in your life and your career you will have to cut people out of it. Make your your circle smaller. The crazy thing is the person that needs to be removed might have been in your life for years! But if that person is holding you back rather then helping you move forward then homie has to be dismissed! Ive finally did my grown up and took care of business. "If you cant change the people change the people"