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1ST Releases Rock Performance Art Song

Here's an excerpt about a unique release for a new song called Sacrifice...“It’s a recording representing a live performance of a song,” Jones continues, “When a band offers a song live, that version of it is done when it’s over. It actually literally ceases to exist after each note. This takes the concept of ‘release’ to a different place for us.” Read the full story here: http://www.onesoulthrust.com/events.php

Summer 2014

Move forward with Grace & Drive, Soulthrusters! Here's an excerpt from the latest news on us..."Monday, July 21, at 12:00 midnight EST, Canadian purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST, in conjunction with The Rush on CHRY 105.5 FM, officially releases a new single and lyrical video entitled “Shimmering Wind”. The song will be released exclusively for the evening on CHRY and along with a full band interview, is the finale of a 2 month radio campaign called One Big Rush with One Soul Thrust. The campaign saw The Rush playing a new One Soul Thrust song every two weeks as well as interviews with the band."...Read the full press release here: http://www.onesoulthrust.com/events.php

In The Batcave & The Wind is Shimmering

An excerpt from the Oct. 3, 2013 update on the Events page of our website. For the full story go to http://www.onesoulthrust.com "Well Thrusters…been a while since we blogged from Studio 1ST. We’re deep in the hole to finish a song called Shimmering Wind. It’s for an album we’re collaborating on with one of our closest friends and a very cool guy named Greg LeBoeuf. The album is called Core Warrior Psychological Development and it’s the first of The Warrior Archetype Series. For more about that stuff check here: http://www.urbancombat.ca. Incidentally Shimmering Wind will also be on our next album. We’re at the point where we’re in pyjamas, eating chocolate, drinking weird herbal teas (ok not that kind of weird- just tulsi an double bergamot) and we feel like we live in the control room. Todd came in to lay some mighty drums. Due to copious amounts of caffeine at 1:00 am the night before- what were you thinking Brutha T??- he was bleary-eyed (WHAT?! A BLEARY-EYED MUSICIAN IN THE STUDIO?? Whoever heard of such a thing??!…)

The Flow of Summer

Hey Thrusters!

What's up with your summer? Things are shifting and changing here, as always. First, we want you to know that Salem and her daughter are fine. For those of you who didn't know, they were rear-ended by a drunk driver mid-June. Sad state of affairs that people are driving when they're loaded. Designated drivers rock!

A big thanks to everyone who contacted us with ideas and footage for Drivin, We recently applied for a grant to do that new video, to make it a bigger production than we'd originally thought. Unfortunately we were turned down, but we're working on it anyway. We'll just do it differently- that's called Flow. You hold the vision and trust the process! So hang in there for that one. It's our new release, due out in July.)

The tunes for the next album are flowing (there's that word again :)) We like the vibe- that 1ST heavy rock with groove sound- a little Kotzen, a little Aerosmith, a smattering of Metallica, some hat tipping respect to our heroes Heart and Glenn Hughes. Speaking of Glenn, check out the new vid on our youtube www.youtube.com/OneSoulThrustRock It's trench footage of him hearing, for the first time, "Go Home & Melt" the song he sang with Salem on our first album, 1ST. Stay tuned for more vids of us working with Glenn. Our personal fave is when he sings a part and then tells us, 'That was Glenn in 1971." It sure was!

The latest thing we're excited about is the possibility of adding German heavy guitarist, Heiko Ruger to the line-up. We've always wanted to be a 2 sometimes 3 guitar band, so we're stoked to connect with him.

We'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, keep flowing!


2013 Begins

Happy New Year Soul Thrusters! The Canadian part of 1ST has been busy taking a looooong tropical vacation. The Italian contingent have been working hard gigging and recording some pretty amazing people (like members of Toto- that Alessandro knows everybody!). Skype meetings on the way because another album is at the first demo stages. Day 1 in studio and here's what's been heard so far... Todd (who must've just found religion): "Some Higher Power completely SHATTERED these clamps!?!" Salem (who must've just given up on religion altogether- or at least The Cult of Kellogg): "Where'd we get these &**(*&(& mikestands? OUT OF A CEREAL BOX??" Jag (who is a religion unto Himself): "Go ahead and tell me all about it but my head's by this cooling fan and I won't hear a word you're saying."

Stay tuned...\m/

We've Missed You Thrusters!

Where have we been?? No worries. We've been busy. Much writing and general rock silliness. New drums for Todd. New guitars for Jag (that's never new... ;)) Salem & Jag recently spent some time with Jeff Scott Soto- check out the pics on our facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/onesoulthrust - and they really clicked with that fabulous rock brother. (There's a rumour that that might happen again in a most unique way but we'll leave you hangin' on that one...) Anna is blazing aorund Europe playing with a host of acts, one being Hardline (check them out, they're great). We have this cool publicity company in Europe whom we met up with at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, so our Euro fans might hear more about us there. Here at home, we still search for the right Canadian rock bassist, like some kind of Drop-Tuned 4 & 5-Stringed Hallowed-Hertz Holy Grail. Where IS this cat? Todd was just offered a Diril cymbals endorsement so expect alot of cymbal shots at the next show and on the next album. (That's not new either, now is it? LOL) Speaking of albums...songs for the third one are emerging this summer, and while Salem was in the mountains recently she conceived the idea for a concept album. She tells us that the ideas for it are getting in the way of "other ideas" (that woman has alot of ideas ya know? ;) But when you get right down to it, life was just somebody's pretty good idea right?) Anyway, we've demoed the first tune for the third album and we like the vibe. Alessandro said: "WOW! MORE MORE MORE! It's soooo 1ST!!" Our adrenal glands settled down after that...if you can make a picky producer like Ale happy, you'll live to fight another day.

Until next time...may the memory of your summer rock you for years to come!

We Gotta Change Single & Video Released

Hey Rockers....Jan. 1, 2012 and much is up. Our new website has been up for a month and We Gotta Change was released in video and as a single to radio. (It'll be out soon for sale if you missed it as a free download at Christmas.) We worked with a fabulous director on the video, Rob McKoen, and this is the first of three videos he'll direct for us. We filmed in some extremely interesting places in a very cool location. At one point we were inside an old DC3 from WWII that was rumoured to have flown over France on D-Day. Heavy vibes in there. This month we'll work Jorden into the line-up and Salem has been on a writing spree, so some cool new tunes have revealed themselves. May we reveal them to you sooner than later... Have a fun, fantastic, prosperous and spontaneous 2012!


The new album has a title. We're a little stunned since that came far easier than you'd expect. (Smiling.) The mixes are in and took longer than expected. Which is to be expected. (Grinning.) But the first single came in first and we rather liked it though its different than we expected. Which is to be expected. (One eyebrow raised sardonically yet still grinning.) The mastering, scheduled for early August, is to be done in Germany by a well-known engineer/producer/musician, one we're extremely pleased to work with. (Expect more on him at another time.) The graphics are rolling along fabulously somewhat like we expected since Jorden Davis, the graphic artist, is showing himself to be soooo talented. (As expected.) We've decided to spend the summer chillin' and growing as musicians together, which is a really cool thing for a band to do. Salem has been pouring out lyrics so the next two CD's are taken care of. But the next level of our musicality is our current focus. With Ale and Anna in Italy (he's gigging with Eden's Curse in support of Dream Theatre as well as producing/more gigging/engineering and she is working constantly, most recently being hired by Notte Delle Chitarre, a famous Italian band) that leaves Todd, Salem & Jag to do what they always do- grow the 1ST sound. Expect Rock. (BIG grin.)

Out of The Cave

We've just exited a 2 week complete studio immersion. Ale returned to Italy on the 15th and we'll have mixes by mid-May. We have no idea what manner of tuneage was laid down during that time, which is how its supposed to be in a woodshedding situation like that. The world shifted on its axis while we gone of course; as it always does. Some things are as predictable as a heartbeat. And now we holiday. See you in a couple of weeks...!\m/

1ST Goes Platinum & More News....

What a blur of a year. We've recently found out that our debut cd "1ST" has gone beyond platinum status!! While this is cause for SERIOUS celebration,yes indeed, its extremely bittersweet since almost all of these "sales" weren't sales. It was illegal downloads. Cashbox Canada, one of this country's premiere entertainment magazines, did this story on it here: http://www.cashboxcanada.ca We were also nominated in the Hard Rock/Metal category at the Edmonton Music Awards a few months ago. (Ya, we know, we're a ROCK band. But they didn't have a rock category and people nominated us so there you have it.) The awards take place the last weekend in March but we'll be wrapped up at that time, doing pre-production for our follow-up cd which we finish at the beginning of April. Alessandro will be producing as you all know. Of course!!! Whats a 1ST cd without The Maestro? And he's living in fear of a Canuck spring that looks like its shaking down to resemble an Alaskan winter.But the cd is revealing it's previsouly untold story, even now, and we're quivering with anticipation! Extremely awesome to tell you that we've signed our English publicist, Cameron from Cameron Tilbury Publicity, as our manager!! Now we're stoked about this. We've been getting airplay with our debut single "Go Home & Melt" featuring Glenn Hughes, in England, Scotland, Germany, France, Beligium, The US and- lo and behold- even Canada??, Israel....and more countries than we can count anymore, thanks to Cameron's hard work. We simply love the guy! Since we're selling so well in Europe, C. is working on a tour there. It has to be the right one though, so hang in Europe, we ARE coming! We'll leave you with this: Downloading music illegally is wrong. It's theft; no different than stealing off the racks at HMV. It hurts ALOT of people. Please buy from legitimate companies like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby and Last FM. And if a site advertises a cd for a ridiculously low amount of money, you may pay them, but they don't pay the artist. And they're lowlifes who now have your credit card information. Please PLEASE buy legitimately. Thanks. \mm/