Roxy and Duke's

Just a stone’s throw from route 22 in Dunellen, NJ sits a hidden gem. Roxy and Duke’s Roadhouse is the type of joint you run across that feels separated from time. Like a multi-colored dream sequence out of a John Waters film, Tiki lights and sideshow art cover the walls, and a giant sculpture of a woman’s face hangs behind the stage, bathed in green light. When I walked in carrying my guitar, I was greeted by Link Wray pumping from the speakers, and then with a friendly handshake by the owner. We played a scorching set to some very enthusiastic people. After the set as I was walking back to join my girl on a cream colored vintage couch, she looked like a frosted glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day by the way, I was stopped by a couple… The man, “Oh wow, you guys were really great!” Me, ” Thank you so much!” The woman, ” I was a little slighted by that shitty waves song though, no just kidding” with a big smile of course. Me, ” Oh, we are all from Jersey and I love the shore, but the surfing there is pretty tough.” The man, ” It’s true, the waves in Jersey totally suck!” and we all had a good laugh. This interaction reminded me why I loved growing up in Jersey, in a place which gets shit on daily by everyone that surrounds it, the people who call it home develop a strange sense of humor coupled with balls of steel. Great White Caps look forward to returning to this spot in the future, and watch out Jersey because I pull no punches, mainly cuz I know you can take it!

I just finished reading an article, in issue 20.3 of The Surfer’s Journal, about surfing in NJ. Jon Coen goes through a history of surfing in NJ and what it means to call the Garden State home. Both eye opening and reaffirming to me, he sums up these feelings wonderfully…” Adversity becomes like a tough-love family, one you hate growing up in, but eventually can’t live far away from. People develop an outer toughness around warm hearts. And absorbing the constant Jersey ridicule only makes your love of home grow. …As we say here- ‘Fuggem.’”

Living in shorts-Montag the Magnificent

Point Break

On June 3rd, a long time dream was realized. From the first time I saw Point Break, I was hooked. There was simply nothing more exciting and awe inspiring than the images I witnessed… but what about the sounds? Not to discredit Mark Isham, for he is super talented, but damn did this movie need surf rock blasting out of the speakers! I mean how could you not follow “I caught my first tube this morning… sir.” with a deedley deedley deedley deedley and a pounding drum beat?! It didn’t stop me from burning my retina’s with the film hundreds of times over the years, but I yearned to re-score this movie like a man stranded in the desert longs for fresh water… and then I saw my oasis. Erected on the site of what looked like something from Mad Max, the Steel Stacks. Finally presented with the opportunity to fulfill an adolescent dream, no not the one where I go to the Malibu Sands Beach Club with Zach, Kelly, Slater, Jesse, Screech and Lisa, the Point Break one, I dove in head first. With the help of my fellow Great White Caps, we created what I hope will become something we can do over and over again. After months of practicing this thing by ourselves, it was truly a joy to perform it with an audience. I was thrilled to hear the reactions, laughing, yelling, dialogue quoting and general rowdiness which was on display. So to all the surfers, skydivers and spectators which attended, a huge thank you is in order. One final note, the Museum of Modern Art has finally confirmed my sanity and is showing Point Break as one of its selections for June, ya see! It is ART!!!

Keep it strong- Montag the Magnificent