February-May 2012

Well, it's been a while since we've posted a blog, and that's cus' we've been super busy with some awesome stuff. In February, we played in the finals of the Tric-C Rock Off @ The House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. Out of the original 70 bands at the start of the competition, we took 5th place, only shy of 4th by 1 point. In March we had our first show at the Intersection, opening for All-Star Weekend. Later that month we played a show at Northview High School, supporting their music program. Shortly after, we had a photoshoot at RT London studios, which went great. Over Spring Break we recorded some acoustic videos at Workshoots Studios. In April we played again at the Intersection, opening for It Boys! This month we went into Mackinaw Harvest Studios to record a new single, with the A-side being "Teenage Paradise" and the B-side being "Something to Say". The recording process went great and we had a lot of fun. We're also releasing some new live videos from shows we played earlier this year! These last few months have been busy, but really fun!

January 2012

So, 2012 started off on a somewhat bittersweet note. We had an awesome time playing the MXTP with Kisses for Charity - our fans were amazing. At the same time, we were sad to know it would be our last show at the venue because it is closing - forever. We will miss you MXTP!

We are excited to say the month ended on a high note. We were invited to play in the preliminary round of the 16th Annual Tri-C High School Rock Off at the House of Blues in Cleveland and made the cut. We are psyched to be in the finals in February. Gonna be an action-packed, no-holds-barred throw down!!!!

August 2011

The month of August was crazy busy. We rehearsed and performed in the finals of the Rock the Dam BOTB competition. And won! In between rehearsing and performing, we were recording tracks for our new cd. Then, at the end of the month, it was off to Cleveland to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and to play a show with our buddies Shred Rot @ the Phantasy Niteclub. We also met with a producer/promoter that is interested in helping the band "Shoot for the Stars" Hmmm . . . what a great line for a song.

July 2011

In July, we played an acoustic set for the 4th of July firework show - it was explosive. lulz. We also played in the first round of a BOTB competition in Rockford, called "Rock The Dam". Out of 26 bands, we were one of three youth bands to make it into the finals. We also started work on a new CD which we plan to call "The Summer Tapes..." The tracks were so hot that we had to record in our boxers just to survive. It was intense.

June 2011

June proved to be the start of a great summer for us! First off, SCHOOL'S OUT! Second, we played a rockin' show with Lights Out! on the 10th. And third, it was REALLY, REALLY HOT. Tyler embarked on an academic excursion, involving a month long college prep experience. Due to the temporary loss of our drummer, we had to prepare a tasty medley of acoustic songs for a show on the 4th of July. We will be playing before the fireworks in downtown Grand Rapids. In mid-June, we also started work on our third Cd, "The Summer Tapes..." with a batch of brand new tunes. Song titles include: "Canoe", "The Flight", "Nebula", and "Breakout". The Cd is another big step for us and we're excited to release it :D

May 2011

May consisted largely of writing new songs and expanding our set with revamped versions of old songs like "Loser" and brand-new songs like "Teenage Paradise". We were also added onto a bill at The MXTP with Lights Out!, a kick-ass band from Detroit. We had a great time promoting the show by making a hilarious video with the theme of a "hot party w/ Spitting Image". We were all over the place during the video shoot, from a fire station to a sauna. Wherever we were... we definitely stayed hot.

April 2011

Spring started with a bang... and then a ratta-tatta-boom! April was very busy for the band. We played at Jake's Music Festival on the 16th, to support research for Juvenile Diabetes. Our fans were awesome! You guys really made the show come alive! The following week we played at another fundraiser at Northview Highschool, to support their school music program. There, we befriended great bands such as Saturday Evening Bear Ride and For The Sake Of Sound. The show went great and we really rocked the crowd. Later in the month, we played our first show at The MXTP Cafe where we opened for a great band from Nashville, called The Savvy. The show was a blast and we were really glad to finally play at The MXTP.

March 2011

March was a great month for Spitting Image. We wrote and added a few new songs to our set, including a song Cohen wrote called "Her(t)". On the 13th, Spitting Image played at one of the city's largest venues, The Orbit Room, for a battle of the bands. Being one of the youngest, if not the youngest bands there, it was a little intimidating. But to our surprise, Spitting Image took 2nd place! It was an awesome show. Thanks to all our fans for showing up and supporting us! We also found a handful of bands we are interested in going on tour with. We are currently booking shows for the summer. Looks like the tour is gonna be a lot of fun.

February 2011

This month was largely about prep and work-shopping songs. We've managed to come up with a nice, polished 10-12 song set for the tour this summer. We've also been working on a 5 song set of originals for the Orbit Room show coming up on March 13. We hacked away at the websites a little for your viewing pleasure. We also have put together a 3 song demo that we will be sending to venues all over the Midwest. Oh, and we got a sweet new wardrobe for our upcoming shows. Be sure to check us out. Especially Tyler . . . Hawwt!

January 2011

The new year brought renewed concentration to the band. We practiced almost non-stop to perfect our songs. We also began to look for other bands to appear with us on our summer tour and came up with great results. We also found out we've been invited to play at the "Next Big Thing" tour at the Orbit Room in GR, in March. Should be a good spring... provided the snow eventually melts.