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Awake Italy 2013 #3

Please let us know if you would like to pray for us as we prepare for this trip, and during. Please pray that everything will fall into place at the right time, that the team's needs would all be provided for, that we would accomplish everything God wants us to accomplish in and through this trip, and that the enemy would have no success in devising division, sickness, harm, or any other hindrances.

We would also like to ask if you would please partner financially with us on this trip. Tickets to Europe during the Summer are anything but cheap, and we are going on this trip by faith. We need $2800 total for both of our tickets, plus about $700 for expenses. We believe this is a true Great Commission investment.

There are two easy ways you can partner financially with us: by sending a check or by giving online, and they are both tax-deductible.

ONLINE: Click here to give through PayPal: http://ow.ly/jcavO

BY CHECK: Please make your checks payable to WOC or World Outreach Center and put our name, Ryan and Carol Lantis, in the memo to make sure the it gets to us. Then just mail to:

World Outreach Center P.O. Box 3478 Fort Mill, SC 29708

World Outreach Center is recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). As such, it is qualified to accept tax-deductible contributions. Your gift will go toward the cost of our short-term missions trip, and you will receive receipts for your gifts.

And finally, for our last very exciting announcement:

Our CD, which has been in the making for a few years now, is finally going to be released in the next couple of months! We are actually hoping to bring some to Italy. We will only be selling them through iTunes in the United States, but physical copies will be available in Brazil, at least for now. But, as an incentive, we are giving some awesome freebies to those who decide to help financially:

• If you give a one time gift of $200 or more: We will send you send you our brand new CD with 11 original songs! So, even though our CD will only be available online in the United States, you get to receive an exclusive physical copy!

• If you give a one time gift or gifts totaling any amount between $50 and $199: We will send you the online version of our brand new CD!

We are so excited about these two awesome events: the Italy trip and our finished CD! We would love to see you partner with us in the first and then enjoy the second. :)

Much love,

Ryan Lantis & Carol Soares Lantis

Awake Italy 2013 #2


One of the ways we serve at WOC is by leading worship on Sundays. We are worshippers, and we know that part of our calling as a couple is to encourage the Church and draw people to Jesus through our music. Well, it so happens that John's connections in Italy often lead to ministering in musical venues and events, which is another reason why he also has been wanting us to go on a trip there for quite some time. Their culture is also quite similar to the Brazilian culture, so it is quite natural for Ryan and I to be drawn to it. Also, we know a few missionary friends based in Italy, and we would love to work with and encourage them.


This trip will include Ryan and I, John Cava, Chrissy Mills (who is also our fellow worship leader and musician at WOC), as well as the band Redemption's Cry.

Our vision for this trip is to bring refreshing to the Italian Church and encourage the missionaries while experiencing Italy and missions work.

The trip will take place from May 30th to June 11th. The team will be doing several music and preaching venues in the Naples area and also near Florence with a tent ministry. Italy has less than 1% who are truly born again Christians, with the percentage of young adults even less. Our hope is to fire them up with a fresh passion and vision for a dedicated life to God via several multi-church rallies. We will also introduce some new worship songs that will be a great blessing to the Italian Church.

During the middle of the week, we will be assisting the WOC missionaries who live in Italy with some street outreach. The major concentrations will be evangelism and working with one ministry that fights prostitution and human trafficking.

Awake Italy 2013 Blog #1

Dear Friends and Family

We are so excited about this new season God is bringing us into. We have two very exciting announcements to make. Here's the first; to know the second you will have to read till the end. :)

We have a great opportunity to be a part of a missions trip to Italy this year! We believe we can carry a blessing, but we need your partnership and support.

Here's a little bit about it:

Since (and one of the reasons why) we became a part of the World Outreach Center and Community, we have wanted to be more involved in missions, both inland and abroad. Every year we have desired, thought and prayed about joining John Cava in a short-term missions trip abroad, but this is the first year we have clearly felt that the time has finally come, and things seem to be finally lining up.