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"New" Spines Song

"Do You You Do It?" is a Spines song intended for the final tour, Demo tracks were made at Fred Felons home studio in 1986, the recording never finished, Vocals and Guitar solo were just added in 2012

"New" Spines recordings

Tapes have been unearthed of the final sessions the Spines did in 1986, Basic tracks of 7 songs that were never finished, Steve is recording new vocals at Bills Home Studio in NY and Fred is recording guitar tracks in Florida,Tracks will Soon to be posted here on Reverbnation

1986 Spines Reunion Tapes

After the final album in 82 The Spines brought back original drummer George Barren in an atempt to keep the band going after drummer Vinny Vendetta left the band. New songs were written in the old school Punk style but after 10 rehearsals they gave up. The new songs were not professionally recorded until 86 when a planned reunion also fell short, But they did record Demo versions of these newer songs in guitarists Fred Felon's Home Studio with the classic line up of Zane, Jones, Felon and Billy Beats on drums. Out of ten recorded 6 were finished and I have put up four of these tracks from these sessions.

More Spines!!!

I uploaded the rest of the "Bright Youth For a Better Tomorrow" sessions, That Comlete Album is now availible. Also Two more songs from "Unskilled Labor for an Uncertain Future" and a Rare Home Demo of the song "These are Some Things" That was never professionally recorded. This version was recorded at drummer Billy Beats Home Studio

New Song

I just uploaded the Demo Version of "No Girl" recorded at one of the last sessions we did at Angel Sound Studios with Sandy Sandoval producing.

New Songs

I uploaded 4 songs from the Spines album "Bright Youth for a Better Tomorrow"


I just changed the audio track on the Video slideshow, It now has the Live version of "We LIke Fun" recorded at Max's Kansas City in 1980 !!!

New stuff

Two New songs from the First Spines Album and New pics from CBGB's and Studio 10