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How Lee David recorded his music.

Lee David: I basically abducted some vintage recording equipment and set it up in a spare room at a friends house. I set it up and then opened the computer and realized I could do almost anything. I had been sitting on like twenty songs that I just didn't have money to recorded at a professional recording studio. I studied recording at a school in Wisconsin for a semester or two so I pulled out some notes and I was on my way. I ditched the notes after a few beers. I had two mics and usually recorded the basic guitar track at the same time I was recording the vocals. I used whatever I had in the room for additional instrumentation. My suitcase became the bass drum, empty beer bottle became snares and a five dollar thrift store guitar became an open G slide guitar. This gave it a real quality that I always missed from multitrack recording in the studio. Nothing is polished or over-processed, it gives a feeling like these recording will never happen exactly the way they did on these tracks ever again. The songs will always be the same but the way they sound will always be different. The imperfections are the most important part of all of my favorite songs. Modest Mouse and Bob Dylan wouldn't be as important to me if I couldn't listen back to their true personality coming through in some musical imperfections. I recorded almost twenty tracks but I will only be releasing 6 every two months. This is a newer idea in the music industry and I think it is a great way to keep fans entertained. We get sick of things a lot faster now-a-days so fans need music on a more standardized schedule. The 6 songs that are up on my page now are the first 6 for the first album. I am working on album art right now. The next 6 should come out in August. I will be selling both online and in some niche stores. These home recording are my attempt at giving fans my true personality and giving them some imperfections to embrace like I do with my favorite artists.