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What's Going on Nate?

alright here's a slice of life for nate right now.

i've been playing a lot of shows recently, haven't exactly been keeping count but it's in the neighborhood of 100-150 over the last year. it's been good to build up my live performance chops, and i really enjoy touching people's lives with music on at least a weekly basis. unfortunately, someone's life has now been touched with a free guitar courtesy of yours truly. when i was playing a show on friday, somebody walked off with claire (yes, i named my guitar) while i was bringing my gear in to set up. i was getting another load of stuff and when i came back, my gear was there, sans guitar. if the person who stole it is reading this, i'd actually pay you a couple hundred bucks to give me my guitar back, which is probably more than you'll get for it anywhere else. it was a nice guitar but let's face it, it's been through a lot at this point. oh and thanks for holding the door for me :)

album progress is as follows. the music part of it has been done for a few months now, and i've been working with mack damon (producer) to decide the best strategy for shopping it to the right record label. we're pretty sure that label is aware records in chicago. even if you haven't heard of them, you've probably heard of some of their acts, which right now include matt kearney, five for fighting, and john mayer. they've also worked with edwin mccain, matchbox twenty, and other very reputable acts. obviously, they specialize in singer-songwriters in my genre, so we think it will be a good fit. we are considering all the options though.

in the meantime, however, we're finishing up the album artwork so i can self-release it at the end of this year. once we get everything finished up, we'll be figuring out a release date, getting it uploaded to international online distributors like itunes, rhapsody, and napster, and finally hosting a release party. stay tuned for information regarding the release, and if you live in san antonio, i hope to see you there!

lastly, in order to promote my upcoming release, i'm setting up a tour across the u.s. to see as many of you wonderful people as i can and come play and sing for you! i'm excited as some of the dates are close to getting worked out, and i will definitely put them up when they are finalized.