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The Problem of Evil: Objective Morality

Since the time of Plato there has been one argument for the existence of a higher “Mind” or “Power” that supersedes them all, and that is the problem of Evil. More specifically, the problem of the very nature of calling something “Evil” calls into the question the very nature of what Morality is. Is it a subjective experience or set of rules? Is it an objective cosmic fact? There are some Atheists who argue that they do not need objective morals to make good choices and, using the most extreme example, simply choose not to rape a child. Bravo to them! I would say that most all of us agree that raping a child is one of the most vile acts a human being can do. Period. The problem is that if there is no objective morality then we would be wrong in our assessment, for it does feel good to someone (else they would not seemingly do it right?). If there is no objective morality, who is to say they are universally wrong? There is nothing to say that murder or genital mutilation is wrong, unless it’s objective. This is important and not some trivial mental gymnastics. Let’s take, for example, a human who sacrifices himself in a war. He puts his body on a grenade for the “greater good”, except if there is no objective morality, there is no “greater good”, there is no “bad” – we are only left with things we do or things we don’t do. So, the poor chap in this example has just given his life for something that, depending who is looking at it, is a good or a bad thing (even if there is one person who believes that it is a bad thing – with no objective morality it would not matter). Of course, I cannot disagree that religions have caused great harm for centuries. Nonetheless, an Atheist cannot justifiably label anything as bad since there is no objective way to state that something is bad when using subjective morality. By that logic, religious people have done nothing good, nor have they done anything bad. Subjective morals do not count since everyone has them. The mass murderer may only have a “type” of person they prefer to kill and that, if there is not Objective Morality is again, okay. I do not ascribe to any religion. That said I cannot help but be sure that an objective morality and reality does indeed exist outside of the confines of the human mind. I know that Mind or Consciousness is the ground of all being and is primal, not matter. This gives me a very deeply spiritual feeling. Max Planck (1858-1947) who was a Nobel winning German physicist and the father of modern Quantum Theory said: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness”.

What is Nada Brahma ?

Classical musicians in India use the term Nada Brahma, in fact so do the ancient texts of India, the Vedas. Nada Brahma translated means "Sound is God". Creation, love, and God are all the same. In this Universe (One-Verse or one song) when 1+1=1 this is called God, call it Creativity (Pure Action). Your hand (one thing) strikes the skin of a drum head (one thing) and makes a sound (one thing). Your hand (one thing) plucks a string (one thing) and makes a sound (one thing). 1+1=1 during the Act of Creation. When the child and mother are one (in the womb) then are violently ripped into two the cosmic split has occurred. We search the rest of our lives for the "one" to make another one with (love or a child). Man finds woman, man finds man, woman finds man, woman finds woman, but one thing is certain, the two join to make a Perfect Union, this is called Love. Again one plus one equals one (there is even the possibility of a physical manifestation of this notion-when a man and a woman join there is the possibility of Creating a child - 1+1=1. When a painter holds a brush (one thing) and brushes it across a canvass (another one thing) beauty,The One Final Thing for that moment,emerges (hopefully beauty, at least a less than perfect color line emerges).So in this universe the act of creation is not God-like, it is God. God is not a being looking down at us, damning some of us while letting the rest into his/her kingdom, rather he/she/IT is found in the very process of Creation and Love. For Heaven is found on this earth. In fact one could easily argue that there is no place in which God does not exist (double negative sorry). We are Gods and Goddesses (The Totality is GOD but that is another subject). Not that I'm very religious (I'm spiritual-- how cliche') but i find it interesting that in the Bible God spoke (sound,vibration)and then there was light. Same with Vedic Texts, the Quran ,the Torahs(in fact the name of God is so Pure only Priests are allowed to Utter it)- Vibration came first in most all the creation stories, the voice of God manifested everything. In evolutionary theory the universe started with a "Big-Bang" (or Big Vibration, or Big Sound). With Love Anand

Musical Impressions

We'd love to hear any impressions as we sift through our thematic nuggets and alloys of texture to build tensions that release in climaxes of neural viscosity breakdown. Goosebumps don't cut the mustard. Spinal columns should become lightning rods, antennae and tuning forks rolled into one central nervous nirvana.

It is my view that the best performers are the best listeners. The above mentioned experience is accelerated when energy travels both ways, increasing with each transfer -- so we're serious about the input. You can even give us the time markers in a track where you think we played something that could be built and expanded upon. If we make a song from it, that fact and your name (in a credit with your permission, of course) will forever be a part of it. We like the open-source approach.

We share with many a general yearning for experience that is intense and real rather than something that merely dampens the mental chatter that accompanies immersion in our chaotic culture. We are working hard to eventually create music that resonates to the core; we wish to catalyze a cathartic alchemy that can release and transmute the negative energy trapped in the illusion of separation and deprivation. Exposure to hundreds of thousands of messages telling you that your life sucks and that the void you feel has a silhouette shaped exactly like the product they're selling can be spiritually crippling. Healing can begin with just one moment of pure experience in the present, free from the tidal multiplicity of to-do lists, like a planet with too many moons whose gravity grinds the core, heating its magma, raising lava pressure until volcanic activity creates an environment inhospitable to life. In a moment -- in the "aha!" of evolution, one can smash the rogue satellites together, reclaiming their energy and spreading it evenly into balanced, harmonious rings that leave more attention to track moons that matter.

I can think of no greater honor than to provide a fertile experience where such moments occur. Although I have just barely past the 51% share needed for a controlling share in the corporation of my consciousness, I am far from enlightenment -- which is just fancy speak for mastery of one's attention. I often forget to remember that I forget what's really important and slip into the well-worn grooves of habit where I find trouble derailing the momentum of some petty loop of worry cluttering and destabilizing my mind scape because I'm busy spinning up another mental loop where I berate myself because I "should" be evolved enough to have never felt this way in the first place. My hope is that the 2 loops will cancel each other out, but this rarely happens. They gain in intensity and complexity, forming an intractable knot that I eventually put aside into my mental background as life places new demands on my attention. It becomes like computer spy ware, sucking my system resources and reducing my mental bandwidth to the point where I start to believe that the steady, low-grade stream of cortisol and adrenaline (hormones evolved to prepare you to fend off tiger attacks) is my normal, baseline state.

With memories of freedom fading amidst the growing static hum of anxiety or Maya, I have forfeited my controlling share a number of times in neurotic hostile takeovers. My soul slept for five years once. I've come to the conclusion that I'm unable to do it alone. I've got to share my experience and resonate with others on a variety of levels to move forward and keep from forgetting. For me, the vibration of musical notes is the most efficient way to comb my conscious and subconscious threads of thought and re-harmonize my psyche with who I choose to be.

Creativity Always Good?

I dis-agree with a Friend of mine who recently noted that "Anything Creative is of Inherent Value and Therefore Good". This is simply not true. We must be careful with the Creative Forces at our Command - The Atomic Bomb is Considered by one of its Fathers (the Great Albert Einstein), and I quote "It was The Greatest Blunder of my Life"... Is Creativity Always a Good Thing - If someone is creating a monument to Hate then I contend this is a Very Negative (not Virtuous). If even the greatest Creator can fabricate a negative thing, then Creativity has both its positive and Negative Poles and it is Not immune to the Laws of The Physical Universe. It is has been and always will be about Unity and Love - Inclusion and Not Exclusion. This is Always Fundamental to A Good Creative Force (see Yoda ; )


I find it difficult at times to "classify" this music (all music defies Classification on some level). Our work is Inspired from all styles (genres) of Music yet is "rooted" in a "Classical" system (at least for me personally), therefore it is difficult to pick a Standard Genre. Classical is how i View it, but It is possible that I am "too close" to the Subject matter~~ Any Suggestions Are Welcome~ Peace and Love


To keep Transparency into the Process of making music, "Diamonds Are Things w/Tabla Take 1" will Stay until it is Re-recorded Tomorrow. Even then ~ the Quality will Never be CLOSE to a LIVE SHOW or (CD/DVD~iTunes Store Reverb Store etc..) What I am Doing is "sketching" Publicly (if you will allow me the analogy). CD/DVD's Live Shows and High Quality Digitally Recorded Final Material Will Bear Resemblance to These Songs only in the fact that the spiritual "essence" will remain. The Group Dynamic/Live Setting/Digital Perfection Will Come Soon. For now I offer Glimpses into the Future of our Music~

Anand Vyas www.anandvyas.org

You can Fool the Eyes

Would you rather be deaf or Blind? Which one is the reality? It is Easy. Can one FOOL the eyes? Yes. When we watch a movie that is what is happening ~ 23.976 Frames Per Second (or Still Pictures per Second) pass before our eyes. Can we fool the Ears? No. We cannot even emulate 3D Sound like we can Images (we have not researched it enough simple) Lets take this for example. If you were sitting in a Room and your Valuables were in another Room in the Same House, is sight more important or SOUND. After all ~ they are IN ANOTHER room. If you cannot hear them ~ They will take all your stuff. If you cannot See them, at least you can HEAR them and Call for Help. So what is Nada Brahma? This is part o fit...

American Idol

Just wanted to clear up. I did not enter this Contest~ I was there with a girl that was entering. They simply saw "something" and shot me for 4-5 hours. And this what they got ~ pure Comedy

New Genre

This is hard

Nada Brahma Meaning

In the East there is saying Nada Brahma or Sound is God. Looking Closer we see that this is true in the West as well, or anywhere in between for that matter. We can take the Bibles (or the VEDAS) literal first words, "God spoke and then there was light" ~ so a Sound occurred and from that manifested everything else, according to the Bible or ANY other great Book. If we look towards rational SCIENCE we see the same ~ The Big Bang ~ was simply a "Big Sound" from whose primordial dust all that we see and experience around us was brought about into existence. In this ~ Sound Or Love ~ one plus one equals not two but ONE. My hand (one thing) strikes a string (another thing or even things) but ONE SOUND or "thing" is brought forth. This is true in Creation and in Love. Two people unite to form ONE VIBRATION