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Shoutout to all my SecretSwagpporters! lol

From: __________ To: Jai Mayweather [Facebook Message] 12-01-11 Yea cause if he finds out i go or whatever he'll be hella mad cause hes a rapper an he knows you he told me he dislikes you i was like "wtf" haha but ima fan dont worry ♥ ill be there with some friends i couldnt go to the last show cause my bf :/

Relationship status

"Due to a recent amount of inquiries, I would like to clarify that Jai Boy aka Jai Mayweather is currently and has been single for a good amount of time. He does have a group called "Miss.Mayweather's", which is a group of fans who take his last name, however, that is not saying that he is married or in any sort of realationship with any of these females. He has the most dedicated/ loyal fans that he could ask for, and with that in mind a lot of his fans which at times feel entitled to call him their boyfriend or even thier husband. All that is perfectly fine, but we would like to reassure everyone that he is very much single and will stay that way due to not having the time to invest in any relationship other than his relationship with music. This is not intended for anyone specific, this is just a clairfication to a enourmous amount of ongoing inquiries about his relationship status. Thank you." - Priscilla Padilla- Owner Two-Three Ent., Jai Boy is Single (Nov 20, 2011)


Lol I wish y'all could have seen my cleaning session this morning.. Interested? Hit me on my twitter! @JaiMayweather swag! Thanks


It is pretty cray.. I am here at my stc job right now blogging, alright? lol & I wanted to start this blog when I realized the differences in my jobs.. (Rink N Roll & STC). I was making food in the back, & I hear a co-worker tell another co-worker "Hey, almost out.." & then co-worker 2 replies, "hanging in there.." & Im thinking like, that shit cray because when I am working at Rink N Roll in weslaco.. I always check my watch to figure out how much time I have left to be there & enjoy myself.. But here at STC I check my G to see when I can get up outta here lol. I love working at Rink N Roll.. I just kick it with my swagpporters for my entire shift. Interact with them, skate around, do little mini performances with my brotha Nasty. I love it there! So, that example is just backing up my philosophy on happiness. If you surround yourself with the things/people you love, you will always be happy. Leggo.

97.7 interview

I am currently at work.. Counting down the time till I can get out of here & go to the interview that the SwagFam & I have at the 97.7 radio station! WeOnOurWay! & then we have performances Friday-Sunday! Whew.. Not to mention, our "Marvins Room" music video release date has now been pushed back.. Mmmm.. For show! Hmu on twitter!

SwagRallys! 2 in 1 day!

Just got out of Kennedy ms.. It was mad crunk! I am about to edit the footage for the viewers of JaiBoyTV right now:) Thanks y'all.. After that, im probably going to nap (because I got 3 hours of sleep last night) & then wake up for the the San Juan ms SwagRally at 2 pm. Leggo

Early in the mornin'

So today.. Frizzle, Nasty & I woke up at 5:45am! Yes... :/ Cra. I know! lol.. We had a early swagrally at Liberty middle school! About to edit the footage & upload the video :) Stay tuned! Swag


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