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STEEL BY TWOLADO (updated November 2016)

Members: New Formation:TwoLado (Akorda & Eguskiza) Paris Mars 2016 .TwoLado Is a Duo. Compose by Sergio Cavero Egusquiza & José Akorda. Living in Paris-France. We have prepared an repertoire of nine songs. Four of them in English and the other four in Spanish. It's more into Pop Rock Fusion as music. Our first single is " Steel by TwoLado". Hope U enjoy it. Cordially, Paris, 8 March 2016 TwoLado est un Duo. Composé par Sergio Cavero Egusquiza & Jose Akorda. Résidant à Paris-France. On a préparé un répertoire de neuf chansons. Quatre en anglais et quatre en espagnol. C'est de la Pop Rock Fusion comme music. Le première single est "Steel". J'espère qu'il vous plaira. Cordialement, Paris, 8 Mars 2016. TwoLado es un Duo. Compuesto de Sergio Cavero Egusquiza & Jose Akorda. Residimos en Paris-Francia. Hemos preparado un repertorio de nueve canciones. Cuatro en ingles y las otras cuatro en espanol

Eternal Voices by Eguski & The Unknown

Video/Song by Eguski & The Unknown. «Eternal Voices» 2014. Musiciens: Pierre Capdeville- Olivier Picorit, Sébastien Baer & Sergio Eguskiza. Vidéo par Marianne Capdeville. Photos par Corinne Jeannette. Rehearsal & Production: Studio Cap & Eguski.com. Paris, Août 2014.


STEEL by AKORDA & EGUSKIZA Lyrics: I see the Skies, Color gray Heard in the Wind, Hurricane Flying Saucers It’s the King. She's a Rocket Howling Space Flying Saucers It’s the King. Suddenly waters began to spread.

Flying Skies Flying Skies Roller snake Flying Skies Flying Skies Hollow Space

Steel Waters Dragon Flies. Steel Waters Dragon's back.


Underneath waters rising Super Waves Déluge Flooding is the End. Time's coming. Planets on the ride. Stairways to heaven Lucky one.

Flying Skies Flying Skies Roller snake Flying Skies Flying Skies Hollow Space Steel Waters Dragon Flys. Steel Waters Dragon's back. HE'S COMING BACK WATER DRAGON FLYS WANNA SEE HIS FACE YOU BETTER RUN AWAY

Catel - SACEM - February 2013

COMIXBOOX - Video and Song.

COMIXBOOX by EGUSKI & OLAF. Born under the sign of Water Dragons. Sergio Eguskiza & Olivier Touchard presents the vidéo ComixBoox for the accomplishment of the 2012 cycle. Sergio plays the guitar and sings while Olaf orchestrates the music and films the video... Il's all about all the destructions humans are responsible for, wars, pollutions, injustice towards all creatures, and we fantasmize about superheroes that are supposed to come to save us, what a bullshit ! Produit par Eguski.com Paris, 05 August 2012


"Launching of Solar Zone & Vidéo GreenMan". MySpace, ReverbNation, Facebook, CDBaby & YouTube will have access to Solar Zone in April 2012. Opus of five songs. Vidéo "GreenMan" included. Members: Pierre Capdeville (batterie & basse) . Olivier Touchard (synthé -mélodica & flute). Sergio Eguskiza (guitare & voix), Pascal Fack (guitare électrique) et Jose Akorda (contrebasse). Vidéo "GreenMan" by Marianne Capdeville et Pierre Capdeville. All Photos by Corinne Jeannette. Graphisme-Philippe Barateau. Produit & édité au Studio Cap. Dépôt Catel-Sacem. Sdrm Paris, 20 March 2012