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Not a "Real" Band

Parker Hemken & Pearson are not an actual band.Matt,Nate,& I had previously played in another band together & about two years ago after we had all quit the other band one by one & we didn't have anything else to do musically Matt offered to record a few of my original tunes in his new basement recording studio. When we 1st started this I didn't realize how involved it was gonna be.I had thought we'd just record some quick versions of a few of my tunes.It then evolved into it was gonna be my "solo" cd.We ended up recording 14 songs.They mostly all started out with just me on acoustic guitar & vocs then we added bass then Matt & Nate started addung a buncha stuff on guitar,keys,& drums.As Matt & Nate added more & more of their own touches to the tunes I decided it had to be Parker Hemken & Pearson since my friends ended up devoting so much time & energy into this project. So anyway,yeah,we're not a "real" band but I think this project came out pretty good.Since finishing this I have moved from Humboldt down to the Central Valley & I sure do miss Nate & Matt & all my other cool musician friends up in Humboldt!! :-)