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Thank you, our dear brothers and sisters, for your overwhelming support of our new CD and the sacrifices that so many made in order to make the release show a success. Your love serves as a reminder of how wonderful our short lives can be. .. .. It is certainly tempting to drink deeply of these moments in which we feel Love as a mighty river, so that we do not grow weary in the times that it seems to merely trickle. But to the contrary, we have found a well that does not run dry, and we invite you to drink of it daily with us. .. .. In line with the artwork within our new record’s booklet, we are coming to relate with our furry friends in the animal kingdom. Yet we find that we are not like the roaring lion, able to easily withstand any and every attack that comes against us on our own. Nor are we like the oddly shaped camel (though we very well may be oddly shaped!), who is able to drink much at once, and then go long periods without water. No, beloved we are much more like sheep: lost when we are on our own, and in need of consistency of food and water, rather than single large quantities. .. .. It matters very little how much you eat for breakfast. If you do not eat for the rest of the day, you will undoubtedly grow hungry again very quickly. Such principles apply in all areas of life (there truly is nothing new under this old sun of ours). As a band we are striving now to maintain a consistent tour schedule, to treat every show as just as big of an opportunity as any other, and regard every one we meet as just as important as any other. We invite you to join us in our attempts to grow in our consistency, our simplicity, and our love. .. .. There are many things on our horizon, and it is so tempting for us to share with you the excitement of the many possibilities that await us. But brother James reminds us not to say "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city,” because we are simply “a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” So our dear friends, be thankful with us for today, and let us love always. .. .. .. .. Grace and Peace -David Mike Mains & The Branches