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Past and Future Shows

Places we have been scheduled to play May, 28th, 2004--The Bottleneck--Lawrence, Kansas September, 4th, 2004--Duffy's--Lawrence, Kansas October, 26th, 2004--The Gaslight Tavern--Lawrence, Kansas October, 29th, 2004--The Bottleneck--Lawrence, Kansas April, 22nd, 2005--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas July, 8th, 2005--The Jackpot Saloon--Lawrence, Kansas July, 15th, 2005--The Granada--Lawrence, Kansas September, 8th, 2005--Abe & Jakes Landing--Lawrence, Kansas October, 11th, 2005--The Jackpot Saloon--Lawrence, Kansas November, 30th, 2005--The Jackpot Saloon--Lawrence, Kansas December, 8th, 2005--Club Eight One Five--Lawrence, Kansas January, 26th, 2006--Club Eight One Five--Lawrence, Kansas April, 1st, 2006--Shenago Lounge--Lawrence, Kansas April, 26th, 2006--Buffalo Rose--Golden, Colorado June, 7th, 2006--Fatso's--Lawrence, Kansas June, 8th, 2006--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas July, 15th, 2006--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas September, 7th, 2006--El Azteca--Topeka, Kansas September, 13th, 2006--Groundwork Coffehouse--Leavenworth, Kansas September, 15th, 2006--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas October, 19th, 2006--El Azteca--Topeka, Kansas November, 2nd, 2006--Absinthe Lounge--Dallas, Texas January, 14th, 2007--El Torreon--Kansas City, Missouri January, 15th, 2007--The Bottleneck--Lawrence, Kansas February, 3rd, 2007--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas February, 5th, 2007--PJ's Pub--Manhattan, Kansas February, 10th, 2007--The Otherside--Tulsa, Oklahoma March, 22nd, 2007--Pete's Inn--Kansas City, Missouri April, 6th, 2007--Duggan's Pub--Lincoln, Nebraska April, 7th, 2007--The Chatterbox--Omaha, Nebraska May, 5th, 2007-- South Moreland Park--Kansas City, Missouri June, 20th, 2007--Surge--Joplin, Missouri July, 14th, 2007--Surge--Joplin, Missouri October, 25th, 2007--Crimson & Brews--Lawrence, Kansas November, 5th, 2007--Varsity Blues--Topeka, Kansas February, 23rd, 2008--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas December, 13th, 2009--Jerry's Bait Shop--Lenexa, Kansas January, 20th, 2010-- Jackpot Saloon--Lawrence, Kansas February, 6th, 2010--Uptown Theatre--Kansas City, Missouri Febraury, 23rd, 2010--The Riot Room--Kansas City, Missouri Febraury, 24th, 2010--Eighth Street Taproom--Lawrence, Kansas March, 10th, 2010--Californos--Kansas City, Missouri April, 10th, 2010--The Blue Goat-- Salina, Kansas May, 23rd, 2010--The Beaumont Club-- Kansas City, Missouri June, 10th, 2010--Scion Lab--Kansas City, Missouri June, 18th, 2010--Jackpot Saloon--Lawrence, Kansas June, 19th, 2010--Duffy's-- Lawrence, Kansas July, 1st, 2010-- Aftershock-- Merriam, Kansas July, 10th, 2010--The Boobie Trap--Topeka, Kansas July, 16th, 2010--Californos--Kansas City, Missouri July, 31st, 2010--Duffy's--Lawrence, Kansas August, 3rd, 2010--Record Bar--Kansas City, Missouri August, 27th, 2010--Damage Control--Independance, Missouri September,5th,2010--The Beaumont Club--Kansas City, Missouri September, 18th, 2010--Swope Park--Kansas City, Missouri October, 8th, 2010--Damage Control--Independance, Missouri October, 9th, 2010--The Riot Room--Kansas City, Missouri October, 29th, 2010--Duffy's--Lawrence, Kansas November, 12th, 2010--Aftershock--Merriam, Kansas November, 21st, 2010--Barrel House--Lawrence, Kansas December, 18th, 2010--Damage Control--Independance, Missouri January, 14th, 2011--Uptown Theatre--Kansas City, Missouri February, 5th, 2011--Damage Control--Independance, Missouri February, 12th, 2011--Damage Control--Independance, Missouri