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Getting Our Song Out There

We've been busy, not much time to blog, but we want to let our fans know how things are going. We shot the video for "Don't Look Back" in Kellogg, ID May 15. The premise was great...a young couple going through hard times realizes that nothing else matters as long as they have each other to depend on. Don't look back, the future is full of hope and possibilities if you remember what's important in life. The video and song were released June 1 and we're really happy that everyone can finally see what we've been working hard on. Now, we're working to get it heard on the radio. It's a different approach to be recognized nationally through the TV show we were featured on, "Cathin' Air", but not locally on radio stations. We're asking our fans to help by requesting to hear the song on their favorite station. We've sent most stations our song, but since they receive so many, it takes the pressure of the listeners requesting it to push them to play it. The next step is to finish the complete album. We'll keep everyone updated on the progress and release date. We're looking at touring this Fall. That's it for now, we'll keep you posted. Sign up for our fan list at www.HydrusMedia.com as well to receive any addiitonal updates.

Recording Debut Album

New changes are happening and believe us, they're going to be huge! Recently, we finished recording our debut album at Cider Mountain Recorders in North Idaho. What an amazing experience! Now our music is off to Abbey Road Studios for the finishing touches. Be sure to mark your calendars, it will be released May 23rd!

If you've missed what we've been up to, here's a brief update. After signing with Hydrus Media, our music was featured in the new series, Catchin' Air, on Discovery HD. If you didn't watch this when it aired, don't worry, it will be available May 23rd as well to audiences internationally. Expect to hear us on Catchin' Air episodes, get our debut album, and see our first music video all in one explosive release of VanMarter Project!

That's it for now, we'll keep you posted on all the exciting events as they unfold. Please join our Facebook and Myspace pages to help us spread the word.