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Start of Chapter 2 - "Seasons of Hate" Part 2

(Continued from previous blog entry: Start of Chapter 2 - "Seasons of Hate" Part 1)

It also became evident that the music industry itself was moving, morphing and shifting in so many ways to adapt new models and methods of marketing etc. So we decided that it was wiser to adapt to the changes rather than stick to the old models that seem to be slowly crumbling. As some wise man once said about something “don’t blow your load all at once”. Therefore, we decided to release the new material a few songs at a time as EPs. The first EP was titled “Seasons of Hate” and released in October 2012. It contains 4 songs and was supported on our first tour “Tour or Die 2012”, a regional tour completely booked and financed ourselves, covering Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

As we continue to grow as a regional band we expect more touring over the next couple years before we can achieve national act status. We hope to cover the West Coast and return to the Southeast and Midwest. Maybe we’ll even make it to the Northeast. We have already had some great offers but once the timing is right, we’ll announce our next trek which will most likely be in support of our next as-of-yet untitled EP which will feature another 4-5 songs. Although I can’t spill too much about the next EP, I can tell you the songs are heavier and a little more diverse. We’re also planning to have one of our favorite producers master this next one so help us out by coming out to a show and/or buying some merch.

We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s support!! Please help us continue to spread the word and show your support. We wouldn’t have made it to this point without you folks being genuinely interested in our music. It helps remind us that we’re on the right track (and that we don’t suck! hahaha!!)

Be on the lookout for our new music video for the song “Beerzerker” from the “Seasons of Hate” EP. We’ll have more news/updates soon. Cheers!! \m/\m/

Start of Chapter 2 - "Seasons of Hate" Part 1

So, it's been a good while since our last post on here. As you can imagine, quite a lot has happened in the nearly year and a half since then. We’ve neglected our reverbnation page during that time but we’re tyring to change that and catch up. We have now had our website up and running for a couple years and covered a lot of ground everywhere else. The writing sessions back in 2011 produced a lot of strong material. Of the 12 songs kept from those sessions, 4 were released as the "Seasons of Hate" EP in October 2012. Let's recap...

Over the course of 2011 and 2012 we were fortunate to play some killer shows, make more friends and fans, and further establish our place in the local scene as one of the “upper-crust” metal bands. Which was reflected as we continued to get booked on more and more bills with national acts and were fortunate to open for bands such as Overkill, Death Angel, DRI, Revocation, God Forbid, Lazarus AD, Bonded by Blood, Speedwolf, and Warbeast among others. We played the old Emo’s location twice in its last year as well as Emo’s East in its first year (opening for Overkill). We played our first SXSW at Hoek’s in 2012 (Unofficial... maybe we change that next year). We also tried to branch out and establish more of a regional following, which we successfully accomplished with our first tour in November 2012 dubbed “Tour or Die 2012”.

Rewinding back to the “Join or Die” recording sessions, that time period took a toll on us since we decided to take a break from shows during those months. As it dragged on, we started to miss playing live and once we released the album and got back to playing shows, we realized that we lost a lot of ground. Before taking the break, we were a relatively new band that stirred up a lot of excitement and then vanished from the scene for a few months. We just introduced Payton as our new drummer and knew we needed to get some music out there. We didn’t realize the disservice we were doing to ourselves by not staying active live and keep our presence in the scene. We decided to take a different approach with the next writing/recording session. It was the complete opposite. At times it was frustrating to continually take breaks from writing/recording to play a show or two here and there but it was well worth it and kept us fresh on everyone’s mind. It just became hard to say no to the offers and we kept busy on the new material in between.

The end of Chapter 1: Join or Die.

Well, it looks like the first chapter of Southern Front will be coming to an end soon. We can dub it the "Join or Die" chapter. In this time period of roughly 3 years, we saw the formation of the band, changes in the rhythm section and the production of the first album. Along with the support of many friends, fans and family we've been able to gain ground, introduce our music to many people through many shows, and make a name for ourselves in the local scene. With the next chapter we plan to continue to branch out further and further.

So, here's a quick recap of the first chapter. It started in 2007 with the 3 song demo soon after the lineup was established. Shows all around Austin would follow. After almost 2 years, Chris Rodriguez is replaced on drums by Payton Holekamp. Within a month of joining the band, Payton records drum tracks for what would eventually become the album "Join or Die". Towards the end of the post-production process (mixing/mastering) for the album in the fall of 2009, Shun leaves the band to play in The Monk full time and is replaced by David De Alejandro. "Join or Die" is released at the end of January 2010 and the band would go on to play throughout the central Texas area over the year. Although an attempt was made to coordinate a couple small tours over the course of the year, eventually they fell through. That will be the main focus after the completion of the next album.

On to the next chapter, which has now begun. Writing for the second album is well under way with a goal of at least 10 more solid metal tunes. So, far the results are on par with the Southern Front sound and feel. This will be the first recording that will allow Dave and Payton to fully participate in the creative process, as Dave had yet to join during the last recording and Payton had just been in the band long enough to learn the parts and record them. So far the collective effort is paying off and you can expect to hear Southern Front stronger and better than ever on this next recording. I wont build it up since we're in the initial stages of writing still but I can tell you it will be a progression in our sound with more diverse musical ideas and creative song structures.

We'll be keeping everyone updated throughout the recording process through here, Facebook/Myspace, on our YouTube channel (southernfrontmetal) and soon to be on our official website, which is currently under construction. We look forward to getting back out there soon and playing a new batch of songs. Til then, please keep in touch!

- Jason