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Cleveland screaming @ Now That's Class

Great time yesterday. Got to see a lot of the bands and select musicians form the Glory days of Punk in Cleveland. We went on around 6 not too many folks for us to play to but to those that stayed and listened Thank You. For a change there was actually a promoter in the old style who Put on a show not just wait for you to bring a crowd so they could sell beer. For that a Big Thank You to Jim Lanza. There were merch tables set up and I hope you all did well. My purchase of the New Salem Witch hunters first album was the score of the day. There is not much Vinyl I regret not keeping but that was surely one of them. It was great to see bands Like Uncle Scratches Gospel Revival,Numbskull,The Plague AKA The Chrome Kickers, The Pink Holes (as always an entertaining treat of mayhem and discord). The Gift bags are going to come in quite handy for some people who have left Cleveland but took their memories with them to other parts of the country. I would have to say the highlight of the evening was 45 Spider. Nearest I can recall the front woman is Hadley (please excuse the spelling if I got it wrong) formerly of Sleazy Jesus and The Splatter Pigs. Hadley's stage presence is one of ease and grace with vocals that showed flashes of Wanda Jackson brilliance in the phrasing. The Guitarist who's name (sorry) I can not quite dig out of my head had a great growly tone to his work that added a massive depth to their songs. This is a band that I will surely go to see again and again