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Testimony: My Scars Are Proof I Made It

Every battle leaves its scars...my scars represent victory; the life of an overcomer. My scars remind me of the wounds that were once so raw and nasty but have been healed by the grace and mercy of a mighty living God. I'm so glad Jesus set me free!!!

My life was a wreck, I was so miserable just drinking and getting high on whatever was in front of me, dealing meth and weed, robbing people and running from cops...just living a life of absolute nonsense that had no lasting effects on my life that would ever amount to anything but destruction.

I was hurting myself and lying to myself that I was so grown and I was so free to do what I wanted, whatever pleased me. I had such an awful and rebellious spirit.

Truth is, I've never been more free than I am now, living within surrender and obedience to God. I am not controlled by substances that destroy my body. I respect myself too much to abuse myself. I choose friends that will nurture my successes in life, and no longer my ability to win beer pong or the fact that I could roll the best joint ever.

We all have a choice...and many chances to make it. I lost 5 friends/relatives last year. Life doesn't last forever on this earth, but it does last forever.

I have made so many mistakes, but one mistake I refused to keep making was the mistake of being my own God...living by my own rules that led to misery every night I went to sleep with regret and unsure that if heaven was real I would get to go.

God took my addictions to many drugs and my abusive relationships and hurt and pain and gave me a new life. Ive never made a better decision in life and I've never been happier...genuine happiness that doesn't fade like when you're coming down.

You wanna change?? Sick of life as it is?? Ask God to live in your heart...he will, he will change you and you will know peace that can't be described.

Hey, he's not mad at you for anything. He won't reject you even if you're high and messed up right now, just call him out...he's there. As I said every battle leaves it's scars...his hands took nails for you that left beautiful scars I cherish. He's waiting for you...but don't you wait too late.



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