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What Happened to Reggae?

I'm still doing reggae but it's on hold for now until I can find a producer who can make reggae beats. Till then, I'll be banging out more raps. Christian Producers please hit me up so I can release my reggae talents.

New Song coming....

Irie! I was given this one when I was trying to sleep. The words sounded so great that I couldn't let it get away. So I had to wake up and start writing at 2 in the morning. They say if you recieve a song in your sleep, you shouldn't bypass it cause it might be a hit that you could've recorded. So, I take heed and give GOD the glory. Song will be up in a couple of days. I want this to be perfect.

Songs Uploaded

Just uploaded some material. One is a song and the other two are spoken word pieces. Please show support for this site. I'm just getting started with reggae and the songs will get better. As long as I rely on GOD, he will provide the lyrics to make my songs standout. I also want everyone to pray for me that I stay humble and encouraged. I don't want to be like some who once they get a lot of fans, they become prideful and forget the little people. I don't want to be like that. So, I'm remaining in GOD's hands forever.

Music Coming

Music will be uploaded next week. Sorry for the delay.

Transitioning from rap to reggae

Greetings, fam! I've been doing rap for so long and I fel a time to change to what I really love... which is reggae. So I'm in the studio now working on my new reggae projects. They will be uploaded by next year. SO stay a fan and continue on supporting me. Thanks for all the love and support. GOD bless!

Mourning Da Lost

Robert Junior's been in the studio day and night. He's been trying to create new songs that are filled with explosive passion. This song "mourning Da Lost" was written after he recently lost a good friend. It really broke him down to a point of seriously removing himself from family and so forth. When you listen to this song, please take heed to the words. For all those who lost a love one, you can understand how he feels. Even at this point, he distances himself when funerals or family and friends are moving away. He's really family focused. So when things like this happens, it hurts him deeply. No one knows when they will pass away and it hurts.