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Comments from a fan on iTunes

from iTunes: Elevated Dreaming by Chel-Victoria "This album brings a whole new dimension to the world of creativity, imagination and harmonies…I catch myself daydreaming as soon as I play The Plight of Lady Oona. And yet, nothing superficial about it, the world of music and incredible sounds suddenly seem as important as the real world. What is the inside and what is the outside? Thank you for those beautiful and deep songs."

Summer's almost over

Well, summer is almost over and I'm just beginning to start work on the next project. However, The Plight of Lady Oona is still doing well since it's release in April. I wish to thank all of you that support my music ! Have a great rest of the summer! best, Anton

Comment from Radio station founder in Greece

Dear Anton hello, here in JustIn Case Prog Radio (www.justincaseradio.com), the first prog radio in Greece, we are deeply amazed by your latest studio album, “The Plight of Lady Oona”, and we believe that this is one of the best prog albums for 2014! Our deepest congratulations on this awesome album! .... (www.justincaseradio.com) Warm regards, Demetris "All Around" www.justincaseradio.com Founder and Progducer

Anton's music on Airnet Radio tonight


Nick Katona will be featuring my music as well as other independant prog artists on his Radio Show on AirNet Radio - http://aiiradio.net/ Check it out !! Musically yours, Anton

Nice gig at the Path Cafe

Hey, I just had a couple of gigs at the Path Cafe in the west village... looking for more gigs in the city....




Just getting started with my site here on ReverbNation. I'll be adding more and more information in time.

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