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Demo 2012 is technically ready!!

A show is in the works along with NEW songs and all the other nifty shit we keep talking about. lol On the real, we have the capabilities to do a "Limited Edition". This "release" will have a different packaging and price. Five dollars is that price while supplies last. The "real deal" isn't priced quite yet, but will be a little more. We will have that up on the page via however you buy music online.

So look out for that stuff and if you want a disk before the show contact us and we'll see what we can do! Thanks for checking in and dealing with my quotes.


Full length in progress!!!

Hey guys, we have been very carefully writing and selecting tracks to put on the full length. Its been interesting recording everything on our own, but we will have a very clean sound for the full length and we hope to have a large amount of shows ahead of us soon!!

Hit us up whenever :)