Money Tree Single

NEW SINGLE "MONEY TREE" ON RADIO NOW!!!! Hey guys, the wait is over!!

In the immortal words of Jim Morrison, "The time to hesitate is through!"

We are excited to announce the release of our new single "Money Tree" to hit radio stations all over Texas today!!! Do us, and yourselves a favor and go check it out!!! Don't forget to request our tune on your local station!!! We're excited about things to come. Thank you all for your continued support!

Our Official Music Video is out at www.PushwaterBand.com

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Sherryjane Cooke League City (Houston area,) Texas Quote · Feb 16 2014 9:31 Jerry and all,I ADORE the new song and the new video "In the Ground!" I've listened to some of your amazing songs before and am never disappointed! With this new one, I am in awe! It is THE most masterfully created blending of songwriting, perfect vocals and harmonies, background fiddle and and I love how the lyrics sneak up on you with each line and continuing scenes. The song, with its toe-tapping sound, fiddle and flair, catches you off guard while you shockingly realize you are being drawn deeper and deeper (symbolized by the stark forest of dead trees) into the raw, cold chill of death. You realize through the song's lyrics and vision of what he is carrying! It's the dramatic loss of love, emotion, sanity - and life. Figuratively and literally, the song's passion mirrors the intensity of the video and hypnotically takes us deep inside the mind of this man driven by madness to kill his love no matter what the consequences. This is sheer and powerful genius. Bravo, you guys! This should be a number one hit (and would even add great value to a movie score.) Spectacular!  Sherryjane CookeNational Country Music Examiner

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Leon County is home to a crop of fellas with something to say. The Push Water Band is Jesse Duke, Eddie Duke, Jerry Duke, and Johnny Sunkes. Each has a passion for music and living mid-Texas life. Songs about whiskey and women would be expected and here they are. The band’s debut is a six-pack EP that introduces music fans to the band in a big way. The collection features every edge of the band from the raucous “Whiskey Burn” to the well-written ballad “Every Road.” As for the latter, if trimmed to radio length, it would serve well as their lead out single. Texas radio might embrace it at it’s full length, which would be nice because the song has so much to say. Jesse and Daniel share vocal duties on the release and both are adept and capable. Billy Hillman engineered the disc and captured the band quite well. You can tell from listening that the band is more interested in giving fans a taste of their live performances rather than creating some polished pop recording they could never duplicate live. Frankly, you can bet these guys put on an outstanding live show. Jesse is the lead writer, penning four of the tracks while York pens one and co-writes the traditional sounding “Nights I Can’t Remember.” New on the Texas music scene, Push Water Band is ready for their next step. This project will be excellent for helping them garner fans. You can hear their freshman status on the release, but as you listen, it’s obvious these guys are ready to bust out. They remind me of the early years of Captain Legendary and Highspeed Hayride with their relentless devotion to the story and their bar-honed ability to satisfy throngs of fans. Look for big things in the coming years from these guys. As debut offerings go, I like this one. Jewett, Texas, is going to have to say goodbye to the boys for a while because they’re going to be out on the road doing what they do best, bringing Texas country music smack dab into the face of deserving Texas music fans.

New Cd Download at the Push Water Band Store