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SANE "Texas Legend"- The Rising Hip Hop Star

Music is an art that millions of people appreciate in different parts across the globe. Many artists have come and gone while they mesmerized the whole world in the process. Recently, many young and talented artists have begun to emerge from various countries. The fact that people respect and want to hear new music makes it all the more better for the try out SANE "Texas Legend". The artist has stepped into the spotlight not too long ago but has acquired fans from all over the world in a short period of time. Moreover, the artist comes within the new music sensations and is likely to make it big in the future. The best part about the artist is the fact that he tends to keep all tracks simple and they have their own grace with is rather unmatched. Hip hop has been one of the best and the most celebrated genres of all time and the main aim of the young artist is to show people how real hip-hop works. To be continued...

Interested folks can learn more about SANE "Texas Legend" by visiting http://www.datpiff.com/SANE-TX-LEG-City-Of-Currency-mixtape.474046.html

2013 Push it to the limit!

A new year, a new mind frame, same objective to sale a million records independently. Three mixtapes in and more to come. City of Currency, my fourth release is due this summer. We have expanded our team and I am now collaborating with Criminal Minded Entertainment, Executive Producer: S.E.L. on a mixtape to be released later this year as well. More music, is what I'm giving you and that I promise. Thank you for your support. Free SANE downloads @ www.datpiff.com/profile/saneatx01

Mixtape Massacre

The idea behind this album was to deliver the rawest form of hip hop so dope you'll overdose. I'm really proud of this album because this is the first project I ever produced under my label Texas Legend Entertainment. Much respect to the featuring artist Juan Gotti, Yung Thowed, Dubb Sicks, Mista Playboy, Gucci Mane, Cashous Clay, SEL, O'Stacks (NOP), and DJ JS for doin' his thing. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mixtape-massacre/id511664554


I got luv and respect for any artist out there trying to push what they do, it's all about the grind! Let's get it! ~SANE~

Where are we at?

Let's see the goal is still the same still on mission you know how we do! Some people talk and some are about action. You have to go out there and make your dreams happen you can't sleep all day and fantasize. This is Go Getter Music this what we do. We make things happen! No rest, we work 25/8 because 24/7 ain't enough time. We're the definition of Grindin! It's not just rappin. It's anybody and everybody trying to better them selves and the struggle we all go threw. That's the life a Go Getter! ~SANE~

Good music should speak for it's self....

You know I just feel there's too much politics in trying to come up? I don't feel you should have to jock someone's fame to try to blow up and the reason other rappers don't want to bring anyone up because you're effecting there money stealing there clientel like they're going to allow that.... That's why it's all about the grind you have to go get it because nothing is going to be handed to you that's why you have to have good music so it can speak for it's self. ~SANE~

What's up!

New website for me thanks to Reverbnation you know the grind! Anyway check out the tracks let me know what you think and if you want to listen to some more music you can find me @: www.myspace.com/saneatx www.facebook.com/SANE.ATX www.ilike.com/SANE ATX Thanks ~SANE~