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making changes

as a person and as a artist you must evolve to keep up with the time and move forward just cause you are hot now doesnt mean you going to be hot for long you gotta keep up with the times or the times with roll right pass you and you will be playing catch up so just cause you up top doesnt mean you stop grinding you must grind to keep your spot if you are local u need to change to underground artist cant stay local forever when you see the progress then you will see you are making changes

making it/making mistakes

being in the music business u would think dat the djs would make in easier than artist nope the djs has to twice as hard to get his name out there in the street cause not only pulling his weight but he also pulling the weight of other unknown talents and many voices dat need to be heard. but as artist u are finding it hard to get radio play and street cred also a very strong fan base while u going to the studio working on new music or hot track their always dj taking chances putting yo music out there so the two do go hand and hand but one work little harder than the other u see as a artist u got write bars everything has to on point.But as dj one scratch or one wrong mix u are going to get talk about no matter how good u get from dat point on people are going to remember that one mess up just like artist's forgetten his or her lines its all about how u handle your mistakes and what u learn from it its all becoming a good artist/dj

getting what u want v.s. letting someone get it for u

in the music business u have to wanna work really hard in building up yo name reputation on the street and it will show in yo music if lie about anything the street will tell on you and if yo mixtape aint bump you will find in the street (litterally)become is artist is the first step getting yo name branded(ascap)is second before call yourself something make sure u own the name or u will get sue for it later on down the line make u have street team of people willing to help u blow up and dont depend on yo label so much yo label will do what they can but as an artist u should want more and should strive harder in put yourself out there like the next mixtape is going blow (make yo first yo last) go hard everytime u go come out with something new and be consisted and let people used yo name do anything for u should want it for yourself and nobody else

dj vs wanna be

there is a different between a dj and person dat just doing to get paid a dj has the love for music and being very creative and trying new things and not afraid to try new things when there a person dat doing for the money is going make it boring and they dont show no interest in the music whatever they heard on the radio dat what they go for and end of the day both want the same thang but one is going to show off and the other will just be there so dats the difference between a dj and wanna be

when u are trying to make it big

when u try to do big thangs in the music business u must first do things dat aint no else at thinking about doing dat seperate u from the pack then u have a ascap if u dont u are going to get screw cause u build yo name up and u dont even it own it give out demo to yo friends and hit the club and promote yo shit so dat people can get u a good feeback about your music and then when u got a fanbase u really can moving forward make things happen but dont let yo ego overshadow yo work it will show and stay postive and yo break will come sooner then u think