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Brand New Insane Poetry!!!!!

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Collabs 2DAY ONLY!!

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Become a fan of INSANE POETRY

Whats up, when you get a chance, join the INSANE POETRY FAN LIST right here and get a free download of my latest song " Chest Bleed " http://insanepoetry.fanbridge.com/ and thank you for your support of Insane Poetry

New video " NO MERCY " uploaded now!

Check out the new Insane Poetry video " NO MERCY " featuring JP Tha Hustler http://youtu.be/tjUQfUcLT60 off the upcoming Insane Poetry cd " The Best of Insane Poetry 20 Years of Madness " repost and share this video! I OFFICIALLY approve its dopeness!

The Best of Insane Poetry coming in October

Feeling really good about this release, when you pre-order in September, you will get a limited edition mixtape called ' Creative Destruction-The Prelude to Edgar Allan Holiman "


This is to all my colorado artists that are looking for some exposure, IF you are serious, hit me up regarding getting on shows sunday night once a month at The Roxy, the event is THE SPIT FACTORY, so all you rappers that claim you can spit, this is your chance to rock a show and network with other artists. Hit me up if you are interested here or on www.facebook/insanepoetry

New music and possible future collabs

New music from Insane Poetry is on the way. I am putting together " THE BEST OF INSANE POETRY " giving you all the hits from prior cds along with 4 new songs that will be featured on the full length INSANE POETRY cd " VIOLENT ART-THE BOOK OF BLOOD " . There is a slight chance of another collab with Sutter Kain to bring back " CYCO-THE SNUFF REELS 2 " for those who were down with my Ghetto Metal music. Also in the works is my collab cd with SCUM called " RANDOM AXE OF VIOLENCE " featuring songs like " TRENCHCOAT " and " SOLDIER " ...Im doing a hell of alot of shows, so catch me in your city some time. If you are looking to book me for a show, hit me up directly or go to THE STRONG SURVIVE BOOKING AND PROMOTIONS...much love to all who support INSANE POETRY!

New Label, Music and Merchandise

I just signed with Denver, Colorado's very own LSP(Lyrical Snuff Productions) and just released a new joint from my upcoming release " Creative Destruction Vol. 1 " this is one of three pre-lude albums leading up to my full length release " Violent Art-The Book of Blood " I am also working on a collab album with Scum called " Random Axe of Violence " and a another possible Rap/Metal cd(not sure about this as of right now). 2011 is shaping up to be my busiest year in quite some time. I want to thank LSP for inviting to the family, now I have true label support. Shout out to all my fans who continually support me and my work because without you, I would only make music for myself and that wouldnt be fun at all!