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"Always" is now available!

It’s finally here! It’s been 5 years since the release of my debut, "Soul Theory” and it’s been a long road. This album is being dedicated to my father Richard W. Laurence who passed a couple of years ago. Time has taught me what it’s like to cope with life’s ups and downs, gains and losses, and it has fueled my songwriting over the years. I’m just so happy to be able to share my music with you again! I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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Love Always, Zanya


The day has come! The Soul Theory album is here & it's available to all. Be sure to support this independent songbird by picking up your very own copy of this unique 16 track soul-packed debut! Also be sure to check out the official website @ www.zanyamusic.com. There you can purchase individual song downloads for .99 cents, or you can save 3 bucks by getting a hardcopy of the Soul Theory album for only $12.97 @ iTunes or CdBaby.com. You will also be able to view the new music video for the single "Sunday", download all 16 free ringtones to your phone & check out Zanya's new photos. Also, don't forget to join the mailing list for the newsletter & your comments & feedback! If you haven't already, now is a perfect time to add Zanya to your Myspace & facebook page! Please feel free to view her bulletins/blogs & leave her some luv

Now that SOUL THEORY is done...

It’s been a long road. No really. It’s been a really long, emotional, struggle but now that the first album is done I feel a sense of triumph and relief. I know though, that now the work has just begun. It’s funny because a while back I had put together a list or timeline, if you will, of things that needed to be done and I remember it feeling so good to cross things off. But what I started noticing was that the more I crossed off, the more I’d actually add to the list. So, I’d be adding on more tasks and goals twice as fast as I’d be crossing them off. It’s definitely overwhelming. Especially at the end of the day when you look around and realize that you’re all alone in your journey toward success, whatever you perceive that to be. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons though, and one of the most important one’s being that no one will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. So basically, if you want something done you must do it your damn self. You’ve got to want to help yourself before anyone else is really going to want to risk anything helping you, and that includes time. Time is so valuable. There’s simply not enough of it. I constantly find myself wishing I had more time in my day, but I suppose that will be life. I just hope that I don’t waste my life away struggling and not enjoying the things that I work so hard to accomplish. My life has changed drastically, so many times over the last 10 years. I wonder all the time where I will be in another 10 years. Of course I have other dreams, big dreams aside from being a financially free and happy singer/songwriter. I hope to always be inspired and creative and to always be able to make music. At least until my voice is old and quivers from all the years of singing my soul out. But I have other plans for my future as well. My focus now is to get some press, radio, organize my acoustic soul tour locally, get a nice distribution deal and possibly pick up a record deal. Of all those things however, picking up a record deal is probably the least important to me. I figure it would have its pro’s and con’s. Right now I operate under my own company, Soul Spot Music, which I love because I am my own manager and I possess 100% creative rights & control. I am the executive producer and I oversee all that I do. It’s cool and it’s extremely rewarding, but finances are always an issue of course. It’s hard and it takes a tremendous amount of work and patience when you’re on your own. But I love it. I LOVE it. And believe me folks, you are only just seeing the beginning of Z. I only hope that you will come along with me as I turn the pages… Peace & Love~ Z

Long story short

January 4, 2009-01-04 Long story short. lived in LA, went to music school. released my album, and all that stuff. Check out my blog @ www.myspace.com/zanyamusic if you're interested... Dad got sick. came back to NM bout 2 yrs ago. Been dealing blackjack at a local casino. Have house out here with my fiance, Jeff. Spent last 2 months in hospital with my dad. He passed away right before xmas. Been coping with that. Trying to stay busy and get my shit together...


I've come to the conclusion that Hollywood is for actors, rockstars and barbie dolls. I've gained experience, knowledge, feedback, fans and promising connections out here, but I'm not sure I'm really feeling it anymore. Not like I was when I first got here. I remember driving and walking around in awe and amazement at the strength it took me to leave my family and everything I know, and at the new, mysterious world that I stepped into. In a big city, all alone in a massive crowd of everyday folks, homeless people, and big eyed dreamers pursuing a dream... just like me. & yet I felt so free. So overwhelmed with emotions of happiness, joy, hope & intimidation. It was very hard financially, especially at first, but getting to attend a school like none other that I've seen before, motivated me to thrive and keep it together; To struggle hard & live the dream. Each day I'd step onto my fairytale playground, where musician's surrounded me on street corners, singing, break-dancing & playing their guitars... while goths, punks & drag-queens wandered about. I remember strolling down Hollywood Blvd, looking up at the sky and finding it hard to believe that I live in a place where the stars are always at my feet. I remember eating at the most unique restaurants, window shopping the finest malls & boutiques, and performing at the most obscure and eclectic cafe's and venues... but sure enough the dirty streets and 1920's style buildings lost their glow and I was awakened to reality. I accomplished what I set out here to do (graduated from music school), and I am proud of that. Plus, I gained some reputable entertainment references, 2 engineers, a band of musician's, a few new producers, and some extremely talented vocalists/songwriters to collaborate with. Not only have I grown as an artist, but I've grown as a person. So I'm not bitter. I'm thankful and humbled by what I've seen & experienced living here in this not-so-glamorous place. My next stop: Who Knows, USA . I shall keep you posted. 1luv~ Z

About Me...

Hi everyone! This is a little taste of who I am and what I'm about. If you don't already know, Zanya sounds like Lasagna without the "La"... and yes, it's my real name... About me? Well, I'm simple sometimes and complicated the rest of the time. I'm a Libra but I could definitely use more balance in my life. I'm emotional but I'm strong. I'm a goof-ball and I'm very playful. My mother is Mexican and my father is French which makes me Latina, and yes I'm feisty. I am a singer/songwriter here, in the pursuit of a dream. I love music, friends, family, shopping, and animals. My favorite pastimes are spent shopping, decorating, reading, dancing, fashion (though trends are cool, I really dig originality), singing, making music & chilling with creative people. I'm a social butterfly but at the same time I have to set aside time for solitude and creativity or I start to lose my sanity. I'm originally from San Diego then moved to the "Enchanted Land" of New Mexico where I went to high school. There I found my love of making music and dedicated myself to growing as an artist. Stacked lots of music, collaborated with lots of indie artists, went to college for a couple years, partied like there was no tomorrow, and then got accepted into The Musician's Institute in Hollywood California, where I graduated last year. That was definitely a wonderful chapter of my life. My Debut SOUL THEORY was released Sept 1st 2007, and a lot of exciting things have happened since then, so only God knows where I'll go from here... Now I'm back in the studio, doin' what I do ;o) "The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want to be."