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The Web Vibe

We are a FEATURED ARTIST on Reverbnation this week! We are also playing at @leftfieldnyc on Friday! WE ALSO WILL BE ANNOUNCING OUR BIGGEST SHOW TO DATE VERY VERY SOON!


Good vibes comin from the web tomorrow! Gotta get it!

Live @ Leftfield

This Friday night, we will be stopping in at Leftfied @ 9pm, Lower East Side, to get a little crazy. We will also be announcing a HUGE upcoming show. You can call it an early Christmas present! Check the calendar

Somethin is cookin...

When ya least expect it, something comes along. Maybe a little sunshine on a cloudy day or an accidental meeting of an automatic friend. You just never know. Sometimes it is hard to keep your eyes on the world around because of the focus needed to make it through your day. Take a second to look up. Again, ya never know.

Rehearsal 9/10

Still working. Lots of new material coming to the surface in preparation for our next album. Yup. You heard us. Our next album. Stay tuned!

On Saturday morning in the burbs

On Saturday morning in the burbs, there is a calm where everything is stirring to life. A dog climbs into bed to wake it's buddy feeder. Birds call out to let the world know everything is ok. Owners mount their mowers ready to add order to nature. All I want is a cup of jo and a quick smoke. Then on to the sounds of melody.


We have been on a writing binge lately. Tobi comes in with skeletons of new tunes and we just go off. The feeling and satisfaction we all get from creating together is incredible.

Tobi: I have never felt so fulfilled with a project as I do with The Bone Chimes. We keep each other honest and push one another to make better and different choices to serve each song. Lots of new material heading your way!

Good people

Sometimes ya have a night in which ya meet great people! It was a great night!


IN THE MUCK is now available on iTunes! Our release show was a huge success at Arlene's Grocery! Thanks to all the fans, new and old, who came out to support independent music!

This morning...

We feel incredibly lucky, this morning, to be where we are. The new album, IN THE MUCK, sounds incredible! We worked hard, played hard, and ended up with a great piece of art! IN THE MUCK, coming in JUNE!