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The NEW ALBUM "SPEED OF LIFE" Reminiscent of Janis Joplin and pop rock icons Joan Jett and Pat Benetar, the Gypsy Rocker Melissa Ivey takes you on a musical journey through blues, rock, punk, folk and her AWARD-WINNING singer-songwriter style.

"Speed of Life" is Melissa's third studio recording, currently in production. This soul driven Blues-Rock project promises more of the Gypsy Rocker's signature sound... catchy hooks, hard hittin' bass grooves, beautiful rhythm guitar riffs in perfect harmony with distorted electric bliss - accompanied by her sometimes sweet and sometimes gritty vocals. award-winning singer/songwriter Xolie Morra, For the LOVE of MUSIC - Speed of Life Team

pop overthrow festival

i've been invited to perform at the International Pop overthrow festival. The three day festival visits denver for the first time starting this thursday at City Hall. My band will perform Friday night @ 10:30, tickets just $5 for each night. It was hard putting together just a 30 min set cause the guys n I are used to the 4 hour set with a few set breaks. But we have managed to put together a tight set list of originals. We are not sure how we are gonna overthrow pop but I'm excited to see the 20 bands come together. I'm really excited to see The kissing party,SKYFOX and Danielle ate the sandwich on thursday, and be a part of the awesome line up on friday night. I've been asked to sit in with Something underground Saturday night at Herman's Hideaway. I know the best of Denver's rock scene will be there and with SUG backing me on a few songs i'm jazzed. ok time to do some yoga besitos amigos! Melissa

Heart Beats the Same Song and Video release.

Friends, Been working on this project and am so excited to share the release with you all so please pass it on. This project is very dear to my heart and I've been told it comes through in the recorded version and every time I perform it live. This collaborative piece brings the lollipop paintings of Laurie Maves, the animation skills of Ryan King, lyrics and music by yours truly, together in a 2:00 minute short. In just two weeks the free video has over 1,000 views combined, with only word of mouth and our love fueling the project. The acoustic/video version of "Heart Beats the same" is availbe for a $1.00 download. The monies from the downloads will go to funding the second chapter of the lollipop characters. We already have the song and are full of ideas and worlds that we want to create for our cute lollipop couple.

We have also put together a donation page if you want to get your lollipop t-shirts, original paintings, recorded original song, or for the big spenders; Melissa & Laurie will come over to your place and do a live performance of music and painting at your house.

I've edited a video " the making of heart beats the same" that has a live performance of the song, that is available for free viewing on my web site. The official "heart Beats the same" video is waiting for you to enjoy and pass along to the ones you love, who make you feel whole, or who's heart beats the same.


NEW BABY, and seeing double at the Dnote.

So it's nap time around the castle and that means i have about 50 minutes to do a whole buncha things before the sound of silence is up...so here goes... I'm mucho exited to announce that my drummer Michael Barry and his lovely partner Julie welcomed baby Luna Belle into the world this past week. Her arrival was swift and she even came early as expected. That makes a whole gaggle of little lady babies around the hive which I love. Congratuations!!!! also way to go Lia for winning the baby pool who'da thought?

SHOW TIME: Two shows at D-note cause I love em and the family vibe. I love my good friends the DeGraff brothers, the staff, My homie Greg in the sound booth, Phil the door man who gives the best hugs around while wearing an awesome smile, the stage, and my favorite pizza. I'll be testing out new new new material so be nice, and playing the old new songs that I haven't released, and old old songs that i'm sick of but you want to hear cause you bought the CD and thats why you came, and songs that I stole but you've probably never heard of them so they will sound new to you but to my friends who have heard me practicing them for the past few weeks and it's getting old to them. This Friday @ 5:00 p.m. Solo and in the round next Tuesday With Tony Medina, Mike Whalen and a special mystery guest.

Also, awesome B-day shows Oct 1st and 2nd. but more on those next week friends.

Everyone says summer is almost but my adventures are only beginning!

this summer's travels have taken me to Albuquerque, New Mexico;Houston and Galveston, TX; Santa Rosa,Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, CA; Vail and Breckenridge CO to play music and meet some very interesting new people. The more I see the more I feel like i've seen nothing. I've got wanderlust so bad it's written all over the piles of half unpacked clothes in my apartment and already prepped wardrobes and show outfits just waiting to be filed into my suitcase for the next town,state,road trip,adventure. Ivey productions is in full swing for the fall .... i'm once again working with Road DAWG touring company whom I just love, updating my website guy Mr. McCune on ideas when i'm not wrecking his car, and am rehearsing up some amazing players to back me up until we got the official band formed AS always Mike Whalen on lead guitar, new drummer Michael Barry aka George Michael, and James Dare and Alan Galton the bass and mandolin from Wonderlick. I've been thinking/writing new song ideas mostly while riding my honda 80 scooter , playing cello and mando when i get bored with the guitars that never seem quite satisfied of my attention even after a 4 hour rehearsal or jam. This week i'm taking a little trip down to Manatu Colorado to play bass for some beautiful ladies called Hopeful Heriones, and re connect with my secret weapon..Charlie Milo. You'll be seeing him on stage with me soon. Playing in Denver this friday and saturday with my upright bass sweet beast and inviting a banjo player for saturdays gig. Summer is half full!