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Riotmaker CD Release Show

Saturday Feb. 23rd at Marilyns on K st. in Downtown Sacramento. Doors open at 8pm..show Starts at 9pm. Tickets are $10 presale at: www.marilynsonk.com buy tickets pre sale and get Riotmaker CD for free..spend the rest of your $ on booze:)

the cd,"The Sun Has Set on California"..originally was to have 12 songs...added 7 more. 19 song cd. I hope ya'll love it!!

Riotmaker CD

"the sun has set on california" by riotmaker will be released in February. Shows are being booked right now.

tracklist for SHSOC:

1. sadcityhero 2. the busted crown 3. razorburn 4. remove me 5 girl: around the way (ft. Bles Bundy) 6 .almost over 7. coward 8. ship★riot 9. afterall 10. juna: angel eyes 11. ★maps 12. when a slave cries..


I will be uploading some new stuff onto my sound cloud..find me: https://soundcloud.com/jeffry-valerio


shows are being booked for end of jan. and beginning of feb...stay tuned.