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DO YOU ...

Weezee, former 7th Sign Regime artist & BTNH affiliate, has finally stepped from the shadows of laying backgrounds for affiliate artists to the bright lights of laying lead vocals for her own debut project. This project entitled, No Genres, is slated for summer release. Friday, February 22, the UK Recordings artist/executive released her first single ''Do You'' right on time for Dilla Month; commemorating the birth & death month of Detroit producer, James J Dilla Yancey. 'Do Y...

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#JayDilla ... beats & rhymes

Every year I put together a project to commemorate the passing of one of Hip Hop's greatest producers, J Dilla. This year I decided to take a 'beats & rhymes' type approach. Who better to spit over one of the greatest producer's beats than one of Hip Hop's greatest MC's? The wordplay in their names confirmed this was to be the concept. So with that I present #JAYDILLA; rhymes by Jay Z, beats by J Dilla. RIP James J Dilla Yancey 2/7/1974 -- 2/10/2006

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None illa' than Dilla

Dilla, leftAs many of you know James "J Dilla" Yancey was one of my favorite producers of all time before his passing & remains so to this day. I find ways to share & re share his music & influence throughout my journeys as a DJ/Producer. I was just about to shut it down for the night & I found myself (again) zoning out to a Dilla track. This track known as "Trashy" has a soulful, jazzy piano riff with complementing deep kicks and sharp snares; been a favorite of mine since I first heard it circ...

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And While I Have You Here ...

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Use these tools wisely. As you were...

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Not Sure Where To Start ....

As I write this I'm sipping on a Ciroc & Cranberry concoction that's too Ciroc, not enough cranberry. So excuse if I go astray...lol.

I've been trying to decide how to jump back into this blogging thing; where to start. So much has happened since 2008. Some venues & events aren't around anymore. Some new ones have sprouted. It's the cycle of Columbus, really the cycle of any city. Some times that cycle is a beautiful thing, sometimes that motha is a beast!

Cove, gone. Icon, gone. Karma, gone. Repu...

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Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself!

Last post was circa '08, April-ish. So much has changed, so much has stayed the same. So much to tell you all about. Let's see who's still around from the old, let's see who joins from the new.

Blogging restarts this week. In the mean times here's some social (& anti-social) media links to share what I've been doing for the past half decade lol.



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Whats good family...Spring is here and it's a perfect time for me to do something Ive been talking about doing for awhile now. Im launching my own website, http://web.mac.com/kratedigga. It's a culmination of all the sites I have contributions on now, so instead of hopping around for show dates and downloads; it's all on http://web.mac.com/kratedigga.

I'll be adding different media on a continuos basis, so check in often for interviews, downloadable mixes, blogs, and new show dates. You can also ...

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Ed Mabrey Farewell Event TONIGHT 4/1/08

We are witnessing living history and we don't seem to understand nor
appreciate it. Maybe it's because we contemporaries to it, maybe it's
because we don't have the proper context to it, maybe it's because we
don't wanna believe it. Regardless of the reason, it is still historic.
A pioneer, an artist, a voice, a persona, and a friend are all leaving
today; all in one person. Edward Pearl Mabrey, internationally known
spoken word artist, will be leaving the city that has been his home for
many years. Ed...

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Full Circle Pt.4 - The Art, Mahogany's Soul, Fresh Fridays

Another phase in IN8's tiered approach was The ART. First held at the defunct Club 504 (now Bar Louie's) and also at THE Ohio State University, it found it's first home at Long Street Live (now Club Ice). Up until this point we were introducing folks to new artists and new music, The ART was the first forum in which we put faces to the music. Dwele, Eric Roberson, Fertile Ground, and The Rebirth all had their inaugural Columbus performances at The ART. The ART however was so much more than a per...

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Full Circle Pt.3 - Standard Lounge..The Zone...The Red Room

The time now is around Dec '03/Jan '04, things are going through a transformation of sorts. Snaps is in the midst of closing its doors, I was building momentum and becoming more recognizable, Wali and Zo (IN8 Inner-Prizes) were pushing a new musical agenda; a movement that was steeped in the roots of soul music. This soul had an edgier sound, a grittier feel because it represented the social terms of its time. Some called it neo-soul, others nu-soul. Some just soul, while many could only muster ...

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