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What’s going on everyone, just thought I’d give everybody an update as to what’s been going on with Earthbound. some people have asked what’s going on with Earthbound ? They released an amazingly awesome CD this year (at least that’s what you should be saying !), played a few shows, and disappeared again ! Well if anyone remembers when we started on the last CD we were writing so much we were talking full length CD, but for those who don’t know that shit is really expensive ! So we took the ones we knew the best and released THIS WICKED WORLD ( If you don’t have it get it!) We did a few shows including, RAD Long Island Edition, and the NJ Metalfest II, but we also did a Battle of the Bands which was sponsored by AFA studios, where we recorded both of our EP’s ,and managed to earn some recording time. So since we had the material and now a few hours of studio time we decided to return to the studio and finish what we started and work on the follow up to THIS WICKED WORLD. So we’ve been at our home studio, HELLHOUND studios in Rahway NJ tightening up what we had and working on new stuff. We’ve actually turned down a few gigs that interfered with our home lives and getting this done. Now most of the stuff on TWW we were already playing live so some of you didn’t pick it up because You’ve heard it already (Shame on you ! You’ve never heard these versions, so again, GO GET IT !) So this time around we’re gonna be a bit secretive until it’s released sometime next year. Also we are still in need of a bass player so if anyone is interested or if you know anyone please let us know, Maybe someone looking for a side gig or a guitarist looking to play bass on the side. We want to find the right person who knows their instrument, is A FAST learner, has decent equipment, transportation and has their Demons in check ! Also must be willing to head down to Rahway once a week for rehearsals ! This is why we’ve taken so long to find a Bassist ! Until then we will continue to gig as a four piece as soon as gigs are available. See you real soon Earthbound

Earthbound Update November 2015

We are now in the stages of post production for our New EP. We originally wanted to make a full CD but as some of you may know this can be very costly and time consuming.This EP promises to be 10x more crushingly heavier than the last, without losing that Old School flavor.

We are also in search of a new bassist as this year also saw the departure of bassist and co-founder Ruben Cruz.We wish Ruben the best of luck in all his future endeavors. As a result all Bass guitar for the EP was handled by our lead guitarist David Ayra, and he did an Awesome job. In fact Everyone did an Uber stellar, spectacular job. I am so humbled by having the privilege of being in a band with such amazingly talented individuals.

As you may know our last show (With the amazing Gospel of the Witches) was supposed to be our last with drummer Jeff DiTaranto but we just couldn't let him go so as a result we have moved our base of operation to New Jersey. We still consider ourselves a NY band we're just based in NJ (like the Giants and Jets and the Statue of Liberty !)

Like I said we are now in post production, the songs have been recorded and they sound amazing thanks to the geniuses at AFA studio in Cortlandt Manor NY. Now we're working on everything else that comes with making a killer CD, so we're still going to need you're help and support (financially speaking) so please go to www.gofundme.com/earthboundny to donate. actually don't think of it as a donation but more like a pre-order as all donations receive something, just go check out the link.

We want to thank everyone for their support and we will try keep everyone up to date with what's going on . Thanks , Joe

Lead guitar Wanted

Hey Everyone how's it going ?!?!? AS you may have heard we have parted ways with our lead guitarist Jorge Pulido. Jorge is a great guy and a great player, he will be missed and we wish him the best of luck ! He will always be a member of the Earthbound Family.

In light of this event Earthbound regrets to inform those of you who love sweet peaceful music that we WILL CONTINUE !!!!!!!! LOUDER STRONGER AND HEAVIER THAN EVER !!!!!!!!

Our search for a new lead guitarist begins NOW !!! So if you are interested our know someone who would be a good fit contact us here or get in touch with one of the members !


VOTE FOR US!!!! HARD ROCK-NEW YORK!!! *Note from Jackie: Okay, so on a whim I entered Earthbound into this contest. NYC is huge, with so much talent, but hey, ya never know unless you try, right? So let's see what we can do!!!! xo\m/Jackie\m/ox

The Contest: We're competing for a chance to play London's Hard Rock Calling as part of a World Tour, make an album and video with Hard Rock Records, and win new gear! Additionally, if we win the local competition and are named a Local Finalist, we'll take home $250, a $250 Hard Rock Cafe Gift Certificate, and move on to the global voting round; one step closer to the ultimate grand prize.

Spread the Good Earthbound Word!!!!:::


Year end update 2012

As we come to the close of 2012 we would like to thank everyone that has supported us through the year, In particular James Cripps and everyone at Rock Gator Radio for all their support. Near the end of 2011 we released our demo and few people took notice but thanks to James and RGR playing it heads began to turn. We also want to thank close friends and former members Chris "Cyanide" Vazquez and Jeff "Eternal Metal" Gonzalez for all of their help and support.

2012 began as a good year for us as we kept busy playing several shows but as we reached mid year we saw the departure of long time member and close friend,Jac Rude. It can be very difficult balancing life in a band and your home life and we totally support Rude in his decision to focus on his home, job and family he will always be a part of the Earthbound family.

After a few auditions we Decided that former Forsakken drummer Jeff DiTaranto was a perfect fit both musically and socially. This past Halloween we unveiled our new line up at the Prime Time Studio annual Halloween showcase. We are taking the rest of the year to work on new material and continue are march forward in the new year.

It seems that a lot of the bands we have played with have been going through similar situations and are also beginning to comeback, so we are looking forward to 2013 as the year METAL RETURNS and Earthbound will be there with our earthshaking metal !!!

Eartbound Update

Last October Earthbound went through a major shift as two of our founding members decided to pursue other projects, just as it seemed we were coming into our own. We wished them well and then made the decision we would continue as Earthbound and give our fans the traditionally inspired metal they expect from us. After a few auditions we were lucky enough to across Jorge Pulido, whose classic metal sound was the perfect fit for us. With inspiration from Jake E. Lee, George Lynch, and Zakk Wylde we knew we found our man. Soon after; we were fortunate enough to cross paths with Jacquelyn “Jackie Metal “Smith, as she parted ways with her band Forsakken. Once she tried out we knew she had the perfect voice to, not only help us carve out a new sound but to bring the classic songs to a whole new level. Since then we have been hard at work refining our sound and getting "stage ready", actually turning down a few offers along the way. With absolutely no disrespect to our formers, I can honestly say, Earthbound is on a whole new level than before. We have not posted any sound clips from rehearsals because we want everyone to get the "FULL EFFECT" of version 2.0 with a quality recording that makes justice to our sound. We have begun the process of recording a 5 song EP that will include some classic songs along with all new ones. With any luck it should be ready by mid to late summer. As it stands at the moment we have been feeling like somewhat of a caged tiger and we're anxious to hit the stage again, so we're looking for bookings to show every one that we're back, heavier than ever ! We hope to see all our friends soon!!!

Earthbound welcomes Jacquelyn "Jackie Metal" Smith

After a few months of auditioning the search is over Earthbound is proud to announce the addition of Jacquelyn Smith as the new lead vocalist for the Westchester based metal band. Late in coming to the metal scene by way of a mixed tape given to her by a friend at age 16, Jackie quickly fell in love with the dark and aggressive pulse of metal. She soon became a regular at the local venues which housed metal shows in her hometown of Boston, as well as traveling all over the Northeast just to feed her metal addiction. When she moved to NYC in 2003 to pursue her Master’s degree in Social Work at Columbia University, she was inspired to actually join a band of her own. After a brief period of auditions, she was invited to become the ‘heavy’ singer in the progressive metal band Sexdigital from 2003-4. After briefly being introduced to the band Forsakken and the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, Jackie completed her degree and went on hiatus from singing to start her career, though also began attending weekly vocal lessons with PJ Berlinghof, vocalist for Phantom Isle (f. Twilight Odyssey). In late 2006 she joined Code6, giving her the experience of writing, recording, and performing in the genre of pure thrash metal over the course of the next year. Soon after she left singing behind to focus on her career again, she was asked to return to Forsakken with whom she recorded and performed during the past 3 years. Late 2010 brought an amicable end to her relationship with Forsakken, but Jackie didn’t lose her passion for wanting to remain actively involved in metal. After several months of searching for the right situation, Jackie was contacted by Joe and asked to audition for the band and the rest is history. Earthbound will be in the studio recording prior material and will be writing new material. The band anticipates hitting the scene late spring early summer 2011. Earthbound is: Jacquelyn Smith Vocals, Joe Rosado Guitar, Jorge Pulido Guitar, Jac Rude, Drums and Ruben Cruz, Bass Guitar.