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Lets cut to the chase haha :D, my band need a bassist yet again after the inability to keep a dedicated one. We have plenty of gigs lined up and half through the making of our 6 track e.p , so we're quite busy! We practise and record with Brass Monkey Records at the Coneygre Arts Center, of which we're also signed to, Brass Monkey Records is local record label run by the bands on the label, for the bands on the label (and bands who want to join it!). Brass Monkey believes in keeping your creativity so everything you record or ever play will always belong to you! We usually practise on wednesday and sundays and record whenever we get the chance. If you like these bands then you should get an idea of our band taste: Killswitch Engage Blood Has Been Shed Converge All That Remains As I Lay Dying At the Gates Shadows Fall Lamb of God Machine Head The Acacia Strain Parkway Drive The Haunted Strapping Young Lad Meshuggah The Black Dahlia Murder Dillinger Escape Plan Overcast Discharge A Day to Remember August Burns Red Muse God Forbid Napalm Death AND LOAAAAAAAAAAADS MOREEEEEEEEEE!!!! So if you're a bassist and have a sense of humor, get in touch! I don't update the bands myspace as much as i used to so go to our facebook page instead which is http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Burial-Season/223774218412?ref=ts . We have a fair number of gigs being sorted in the pipeline, so if theres only a few on there it's probably because the others either don't have a date or a venue yet. If you can do backing vocals, that'd be a bonus, but it's not strictly needed.