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Arise and Shine

I was so honored at the realese of my single "Arise and Shine" on Saturday May 16th 2015. The support was tremendous! It has always been me wish to edify people with music and what touched my heart the most was the fact that many people approached me to say they were inspired by my music. The standing ovation was also like icing on the cake. Honestly I believe God has given each of us talent and our purpose as human beings is linked to our talents. It was only fitting that a portion of proceeds from the single reease be donated to an organization close to my heart - Calgary Immigrant Women's Association. The song is a ladies anthem but it goes a step further - it is a song for all who wish to be free from negative labels and stereotype. It calls people to think critically about what they are presented with and become the author of their own lives. I cannot wait to announce the rest of the projects I have in store. My Ep album is on the way watch out for it later this year!

Saturday December 10, 2011

When I heard Nigerian artist Kefee was in town I was ecstatic as I'm a fan of her work. She uses her God given talent to praise the Lord most high. I myself have evolved as an individual so has my music. I felt that I could relate to Kefee's work because I'm heading down the same path she is.To use the gifts God has given to glorify Him and fellowship with Him throughGospel/Soul songs..My aim is to write more songs that transport people to a deep and spiritual realm. We all want to know and have a personal relationship with God. Music is a powerful way to do so if the right lyrical content and message is implored.I believe the music industry is on the verge of evolving for the better. I look forward to presenting my new material and giving back to my God and to all. So help me God. May the Lord bless you all ....

Saturday June 12, 2010

Wow my first live performance of "Addicted" . I have to say I was a bit nervous but my blood was pumping! It felt like such a rush, I'll be back even harder and better next time..