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Blackwing RELEASED!!!

It's here! Today we are excited to release our Debut Album 'Blackwing'! You can stream the entire album from our site and if it rocks your world please grab a copy from our ONLINE STORE. www.deadstarrenegade.com.au Thanks so much for all your support so far. Hope you enjoy the Album! Cheers, Tim from DSR


Last night Rick JVZ and I pulled an all nighter and put the final touches to the Album. Everything is ready to go to Mastering. Can't wait to share it with you! Tim

Black Wing is coming!!

Well, the album is almost ready to be Mastered! It will be titled 'Black Wing' We have 4 tracks back from Ricki so far and we're really excited with the results. The rest of the album should be mixed by the end of the week. After that we have a final 'listening session' where we decide on the order of the tracks and stuff. Then we send it of to be Mastered. Once that's done we get the artwork together. Then it's pressing and printing and we are ready to share it with anyone who will listen! In the mean time look out for some more shows in and around Melbourne town. See ya then, Tim