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Valerie Troutt Shows... coming your way

Hey Valerie Troutt Music Supporters,I have a couple of wonderful events I'd like to share with you. UPCOMING EVENTS: Nov 15th She Speaks Ultra Shadow Lounge Oakland 6pm. Nov 16th A Night of Diva's and Don's Fundraiser for the SF BCA 4pm. Dec 20th Girls Go! Fundraiser James Moore Theater Oakland.

The Sound of Peace is Here

Greetings Lovely People,

The Sound of Peace is here. Please check out my new music video and purchase the full length album "The Sound of Peace" in my reverbnation music store. The album will be available on itunes and amazon in the coming weeks. Enjoy!!!

All the best, Valerie

cut and paste the link below to watch video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPcUZ9kpIXE

Valerie at Yoshi's Oakland Nov 25th 8pm

"Bay-area born and bred, jazz and gospel trained, internationally respected, Valerie Troutt is a musical collagist, borrowing from ancestral centuries of sound, channeling spirits, and delivering the stories of our love, loss, and lives.There’s a light in this unapologetically unconventional artist/teacher/activist for whom art and activism are intertwined. Within this spiritual and social justice-driven performer is a lifelong hunger for craft, for connection, for cultural narratives and an indefatigable thirst to serve as an agape griot to a waiting and hurting people. The Sound of Peace, her long-awaited,full-length debut comes after a critically acclaimed EP and several wizening years culminating in Valerie Troutt’s acceptance of her own original artistic difference in a world of commercial carbon copies."

~Michael L. Gipson 2013


It's about that time... you with me?

Thank you Reverb friends & fam for checking out my page, sending me messages of encouragement and for being awesome musicians!!! I had a busy summer touring with Nicole Klaymoon's Embodiment Project and am about to release my first ever debut CD... "The sound of Peace"... I'm so excited. Please check out my new website and tell me what you think www.valerietrouttprojects.com

Also I have an indiegogo campaign ( http://igg.me/at/valerietroutt ) up to help launch a successful PR Marketing campaign. Every dollar counts, so please give if you can. Here's the link to my news letter... I'm not sure if any of you have seen this... it's pretty simple yet cool... I used mailchimp.com ... you should too. visit http://eepurl.com/EPUsT

The end of the year is upon us...

So folks, The end of the year is upon us...

Do you feel the pressure that I'm feeling? I feel like I'm behind 2yrs... lol

But get this... I am Grateful and in the right place. I'm excited about the change that you and I have received & created.

Together we are moving this world forward. I know it may not seem like it, but things are shifting and in our favor. So we've got to keep doing the work.

Soooooo much work... and little play makes me Cray Cray.

Anywho... I've got some Hot shows coming up. You should come through.

Dec 14th Paulynn Brown Subterranean Art House Berkeley,CA (confession, I'm not singing on this show, but it's going to be HOT!!!)

Dec 15th, 2012 Valerie Troutt's MoonCandy & Friend's "A Soulful Holiday" Time: 7pm-1am, cover: $15 in adv, $20 at the door. Geoffery's Inner Circle 410 14th Street, Oakland,CA. 94612

Dec 16th, 2012 "Two Shows Shouting" Valerie Troutt & Maya Kronfeld "Mistletoe Kisses Holiday Party & Toy Drive" Liege Lounge 481 9th Street, Oakland,CA 5-11pm $10 all night.

I hope you can make it out... please join me on facebook for more convo and details.

Peace, Valerie XO!!!! Happy Holidays or Ba Humbug... which ever you like :-)

My Live House Ensemble will play ThePeople Party Sept 22nd...

So about three years ago... I created a live house ensemble called MoonCandy... it's members have changed from time to time but the amazingness just keeps getting better.

We are currently working on our recording and are So honored to play ThePeolple this month.

Recently we toured with Nicole Klaymoon's dance company "Embodiment Project" we performed at SF Dance Mission and in Ashland Oregon at the Shakespeare Festival ... www.embodimentproject.org

Who is MoonCandy? What is MoonCandy?

"MoonCandy is a live soulful house ensemble that features the inspirational voices & composition of some of the EastBays most understated jazz,soul,blues and Gospel Singers. MoonCandy is church without walls... soulful, uplifting and fabulous!" Check out this link to read more about us... http://www.eastbayexpress.com/ebx/house-of-moon-candy/Content?oid=3056363

Featured Singers Tiffany Austin, Jovan Watkins, Erica Brown, Shamont Hussey, Solas Burke-Lalgee and Valerie Troutt Joined by Scott Keller on drums, Colin Hogan on keys and Raul Perales on bass... our guest feature this month is Daniel Riera

where can you hear them? Sept 22nd, 2012 at ThePeople Party in Oakland,CA at The New Parish.

going back to the lab as "Qui510" says

Tomorrow I'll be going back into the studio to record some vocals for my album... fun, fun, fun!!!

A lot of folks have been asking about how to support the project ... There are many ways... You can purchase an EP here on reverbantion for $5bucks and tell a friend... repost one of the songs on your favorite social site or send it in an email to your folks. Or if you'd like to contribute a larger amount visit my website http://www.valerietroutt.com/support.php

stay tuned I'll be posting some sound clips from the new album this week...

Peace, Valerie

Spring is here... Let the music begin!!!

I'm currently practicing music for "Marcus Cohen and The Congress" we have a gig in LA May 3rd at "The Mint" have you been there? This gig will feature "Coultrane" and "The Yes Team". starts at 8pm, we play at 10pm $8-10.

So I've been living in the Bay Area for 8yrs since I left New York after attending "The New School Jazz program" So much has happened since then, however what has not happened yet is my full length album... but it's almost here... it's coming this Fall 2012... I'll be posting snippits real soon. The album will be called "The Sound of Peace" it's a look at how peace plays a role in community: within' the family, between friends and with partners along with how it plays a role within' the world economically, spiritually and politically. I'll keep you posted ... To donate funds to this project... please purchase a song or two ($.50) at my music store on reverb nation (the EP is $5 for 6songs) or go to... http://www.valerietroutt.com/support.php

Other News: I am Hoping to be one of Reverb Nation's nominees for "Artists on the Verge Project 2012"! Post on their wall "I nominate Valerie Troutt JazzSoul Project" or "I request Valerie Troutt" http://rvrb.fm/HP5uWiC

I'm creating the music for this live street dance show called "The House of Matter" choreographed by Nicole Klaymoon check the link http://www.embodimentproject.org/EP/welcome.html the show open June 8th in SF,CA at dance mission.

ttyl Valerie

working on my debut album ... dreams take time and patience

So I'm almost finished recording this album... I feel like I am finally pleased with the music that I'm presenting... I've recorded sooooo much over the last couple years and have not released any of it. The album will be called "The Sound of Peace" and will feature myself and Solas B. Lalgee on vocals... the band is Maya Kronfeld-keys, Darian Gray & Jazz Sawyer - drums, Raul Perales & David Ewell -bass and Solas B. Lalgee on supporting vocals. I'll post a music preview in a few weeks... stay tuned... also updates to my website are in the making www.valerietroutt.com Valerie If your interested in supporting this project finanicially please email valvoice@gmail.com

MY New EP Comes out this week Yeepie!

"Prepare for a future" August 27, 2010 DivinityVoice music & art 3609 Maple Ave, Oak,CA 94602 8pm-11pm $10 www.valerietroutt.com download music right here on Reberb! Understanding the past, living in the present and awaiting the future are the themes of the new album: Prepare for a Future of music composed by Jazz & Soul Vocalist Valerie Troutt from Oakland, California. Listeners will enjoy Valerie's mix of a variety of styles on including Jazz, soul, world and house. The full length album will also features the poetry of Oakland Grand Slam Champion Joyce Lee. Troutt says; "My Hope is to have created something that folks can relate to, something that illustrates our naked thoughts and desire." The album melodically resounds questions like "Where is truth?" and sing out lyrics with hope for change such as "Prepare for a future" remembering "We're the dreams of slaves". Although Troutt says she's not big on writing love songs, you will hear one or two songs exploiting it's ability to create "a whole other world" "Ripples & Kisses" or a "Vulnerable Paradise". Troutt dedicates this EP to her beloved nieces and nephews in "All of it love for you," a song about how one can get so caught up in city life, video games and substance abuse, that they forget the most beautiful and divine, mother nature. Over the past two years, Valerie has been exploring a route in vocal songwriting that has inspired many. In her big girl anthem "Fear of a fat planet" Troutt talks about fat injustice, " This is not just a big girl anthem. It's a song about how fuc@*! it feels to be mis represented and viewed as worthless. This song is about creating awareness about sizism and discrimination of people of size". This EP will leave you wanting to hear more of Valerie's perspective on life. It is truly a fine work of art. "Prepare for a future" Team Troutt