11/7/2007-WWJ Interview on TRYST Radio Last Night now on TRYST website

Last night, WWJ was interviewed by TRYST Radio. The interview was for an hour and they managed to put WWJ in the hot seat a few times, but he did good and a good time was had by all. They also played 4-5 CB songs-including cuts from the new CD "Not For The Innocent". If you missed it last night, don't worry. Click http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tryst to listen. Enjoy!

11/3/2007-CAROLINE BLUE Song on the TLP Show

One of CAROLINE BLUE's songs off the new "Not For The Innocent" CD was played on the TLP show. Check out the link below & ,if you'd like, leave a comment. Thanks! http://tlpshow.com/2007/11/02/6pk-01d-2/ Featured Tracks: Fire Underground - Beauty Queen Redirik - Run Children Run Toxic - Truth Marvel - I Wanna Know You (Just a little bit better) Caroline Blue - Love Me or Leave Me - Not For The Innocent Project Mayhem - F**k Yeah Download | Subscribe Rock my world! Submit your music to our Artist Submission Page

11/3/2007-New "Not For The Innocent" Download Sites

CAROLINE BLUE's new CD "Not For The Innocent" can now be downloaded (either single tracks or the full CD) at the following sites.... PayPlay http://payplay.fm/carolineblue3 Tradebit http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2165692 Emusic http://www.emusic.com/album/Caroline-Blue-Not-For-The-Innocent-MP3-Download/11102376.html

10/14/2007-NFTI CD Review by Post Standard/Stars Newspaper (Syracuse,NY-USA)

CAROLINE BLUE's new CD "Not For The Innocent" was reviewed by Mark Bialczak for The Post Standard/Stars Newspaper today. Below is what was written...... (Heavy Metal) "Not For The Innocent," Caroline Blue, Independant Recording Wayne W. Johnson and Monster Mike Merrifield cooked up a dozen blazing songs on "Not For the Innocent." Caroline Blue likes to churn things up heavy-metal style. Johnson's voice snarls the thick and edgy "Deny." "Won't Be Home Tonight" employs a sweeter vocal sound and echoes with big sonics. But the coolest song is "Far Away From Home." It starts off as an acoustic ballad about a tired and cold girl on the side of the road. As she thinks back to a better day, the song soars tantalizingly into fast and electric places. Catch a show: More gigs will be announced later. On the Internet: The band's website is www.carolineblue.com


CAROLINE BLUE's new CD "Not For The Innocent" is now available for purchase at ROCK STAKK RECORDS http://www.rockstakk.com/ in Japan! Tell Miki we sent ya!

10/7/2007-New CAROLINE BLUE CD "Not For The Innocent" Now Available!

-On 8/31/2007 CAROLINE BLUE released a new CD entitled "Not For The Innocent." This CD has 12 new tracks. 5 of them can be heard on the CAROLINE BLUE My Space Page http://www.myspace.com/carolineblue and 5 more can be heard on new CAROLINE BLUE NOT FOR THE INNOCENT My Space Page. http://www.myspace.com/carolinebluenotfortheinnocent Check them out and, if you haven't already, add yourself to their friends list! -The NFTI CD is now available in stores thruout Central NY-including The Soundgarden (Syracuse), C&G Music (Baldwinsville), and A&J Music (Oswego). A full listing can be seen at the CAROLINE BLUE ONLINE STORE PAGE http://carolineblue.com/page15.html where you can also purchase the CD via Paypal. -Please note that if you haven't bought the previous CAROLINE BLUE CD "Slave to the Hourglass", we are featuring a special combo offer for both CDs at a reduced price! Check out the STORE link above to check it out! -We do know that some people are alittle weary of Paypal. We are happy to announce that the NFTI CD is now available on CD BABY. http://cdbaby.com/cd/carolineblue3 We will be adding more outlets to our list in the future. -We hope you enjoy our new CD and thank you so very much for all your support. Keep rockin!


Hey everyone, we just found out that CAROLINE BLUE's "Not For The Innocent" CD has just been reviewed on West Side Dave's Metal Website! WSD's website is a vast array of reviews, interviews & more including Joe Lynn Turner, Rich Williams (Kansas), Bob Daisley, Stefan Leibing (Primal Fear) & many more (including a few with CB's WWJ!)! Go to http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/westsidedave/Reviews33.html Caroline Blue-"Not For The Innocent"-2007 "Not For The Innocent" is the latest release for Syracuse Hard Rockers Caroline Blue, and it`s certainly their best yet! This album finds the band at the crossroads of their career; while the Kiss elements of past releases still abound [particularly in the vocals], "NFTI" shows CB finding their own identity. It`s also their most focused release to date. Lyrically, the band have kept things more street level, though the subject matter seems to derive a bit more from personal experience, which usually makes for some good material. This time out, guitarist/vocalist Wayne W. Johnson also assumes bass duties, and is joined on the album by drummer "Monster" Mike Merrifield. The disc took quite a while to complete, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Patnode at Strangeland Audio studios in Phoenix, NY, which is only 10 minutes from yours truly! Track One is "Our Love Is Wasted", a fist-pumping anthem that kicks of the proceedings nicely; it`s the type of song that CB does well, and holds the listener`s attention throughout. Next up is "Love Me Or Leave Me" and sees the band adding a more "Modern" touch to their trademark style, though in subtle shades. "Deny" sounds at times downright funky, further proof of the bands` willingness to expand musically but still remain within their established structure. Other highlights include the ballad "Stay" and "Pain", which is one of the best cuts on the album. Also worth mentioning are "Out Of My Life [I Want You]" and the flashy "I`ve Seen The light Tonight", which features yet another memorable riff from Mr. Johnson. All told, another solid effort from a band that obviously has no intention of confining themselves TOO much to established patterns. "Not For The Innocent" shows that Caroline Blue are able to stretch out [but not sell out!] in order to ensure both their own musical growth, as well as keeping their fans happy. A tightrope walk to be sure, but it`s not work if you truly love what you do, something clearly on display here. Highly recommended!!!!! -- ---- ---- END body -- Caroline Blue


Our sources have told us that there is now a video on The Post Standard website that features CAROLINE BLUE! The Post Standard sent a video crew to film songs from the CB's show back in 5/4/2007. The video is actually made up of short clips of CAROLINE BLUE doing various songs on stage-including "Our Love is Wasted", "Hard Life", Tears are Falling (KISS) and more. Go to http://blog.syracuse.com/video/2007/08/caroline_blue_1.html to check it out!


CAROLINE BLUE is one of 19 bands featured on the new BUFFALO ROCKERS FOR LIFE COMPILATION CD. CB's song "Slave to the Hourglass" Track 4. This CD is part of a National Anti Drunk Driving Campaign run by Illumina Records who's motto is "Saving Lives One Song at a Time." This CD also featured fellow Syracuse Rockers Brace with "Fist of Job." The CD can be purchased at The CAROLINE BLUE Online Store http://carolineblue.com/page15.html and a review of the CD can be seen at http://carolineblue.com/page119.html . This CD is dedicated to the memory of Kayla Lynn Miller, a 16 year old girl who was killed in a drunk driving incident. A portion of the proceeds derived from the sale of this CD will be donated by Illumina Records for the purpose of creating a scholarship in Kayla's name. For more info on the project please visit Illumina Records http://www.illuminarecords.com/

12/29/2006-STTH CD Review-Hardsounds.it (Italy)

Click --EZCODE LINK START--HERE --EZCODE LINK END-- to see it. below is the English translation provided by Andrea (thanks!) --EZCODE ITALIC START--"From the state of New York, Caroline Blue is a solid melodic hard-rock trio moved by classic inspiration taken from Kiss, but never figuring as a their cover band, and never as rakes and lack of personality. Indeed, Caroline Blue weight down the sound in phase of riffing, and run with a rythmical section aggressive and more powerful guaranteeing a precise trademark. "Slaves To The Hourglass" is their first studio work, a five tracks EP(more two hidden tracks that does not add a lot in matter of quality: an acoustic instrumental song, and a telephone call by Wayne while promoting the record), dynamic and spontaneous that let truly imagining a monstro attitude to the live show dimension(very large is the number of cover songs in their own catalogue). Title-track and "The Queen Of Pleasure", in this sense, express on the better way the concept of CB's "wall-of-sound". In auge for sure we have Wayne Johnson, vocalist, determined and visceral axe-man who drags all the compositions in a vortex made by electricity and sweat, in a certain way paying tribute to Paul Stanley, but able to communicate his own personality and rock'n'roll glamour. The producing, unfortunately, is not the best one. The sound is too much stuffed with wadding, and drums sounds too much like as in the '80, but i'm also speaking about a kind of autoproducing, and therefore lack of technology to "clean or modernize the sound". Anyway, are Caroline Blue the "next big thing"? They surely could be it. The potentialities does not lack, the same to say in fact of determination to assert themself(furious is the promotion on the web, so much organized and detailed). At last just a note to say that the band members signed on the cd credits are not same than actual(except Wayne), and therefore i do not know the effective quality of the new ones, but voices said that their recently live performances has been great. Then, what we have to do is to wait for the full-lenght record, but this Ep is a nice aperitif that open your stomach as well until that time." Appresial: 73/100 --EZCODE ITALIC END--