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11/2/06-Slave to the Hourglass CD Review-Oblivion.de (Germany)

CAROLINE BLUE's CD "Slave to the Hourglass" has just been reviewed on Oblivion.de in Germany. It can reached by clicking HERE Below is a transcript of the review in English (translated by Ela-thanks!)... This, what Wayne Johnson,Lead singer and Guitarist of the the Hard Rock Combo Caroline Blue send to me,is actually the Music taste and right up the alley of our Editor Steve.But because Steve has been running behind in reviewing his Import dealings,I thought I would take it up on myself to review this 5tracker plus a hidden track.Melodic Hard Rock is the trademark of these boys and with Influences from bands like Kiss,Motley Crue,and early Judas Priest ,the music is ideal also for the Classic Hard Rocker to give a listen to.Anybody that feels the need to really wanna rock out again would be well served by listening to this band. Kiss- and you can really hear it periodicly are definetly heard in their music and are known to be their Idols,where only in the distance will you identify a small amount of the dirty sound of Motley Crue.The whole thing is actually on the cool,easy going side.Pretty cool is the Track"Queen of pleasure" where the song is about money,gang bangs and a Pornostar,but the lyrics get repeated quite often during the song.About the written part of the songs there are really no Highpoints,so it makes this self released CD actually a very down to earth Melodic Hard Rock piece.Nothing huge,but nothing small either. In addition, Walter Scheurer's review from powermetal.de has found it's way to another German site at Underground Empire.com. Click HERE to check it out. A translation to this review has been posted in our earlier blog in regards to the powermetal.de review.....

10/16/06-CAROLINE BLUE Enters Distribution Deal w/ Hellion Records(Germany)

CAROLINE BLUE has entered into a distribution deal with Hellion Records (Germany) for the sale of their "Slave to the Hourglass" CD! It is now available for sale thru their website which can be reached by clicking on http://www.hellionrecords.de/ . They have a very extensive catalog of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal titles in stock. If you wish to purchase CAROLINE BLUE's "Slave to the Hourglass" thru Hellion Records, the Item number for the CD is #14179.

10/16/06-New Drummer for CAROLINE BLUE!

We are proud to announce that CAROLINE BLUE has a new drummer! His name is Josh Dean and from our 1st encounter with him, young Josh is ready to kick booty boy howdy! Course, being the pros that we are here at CBNET, we have the skinny on the newbie for all you fanatical CB fans, friends & freaks! Learn more about Josh by checking out his BIO and his FACTS N STATS. Hoody Hoo!

10/9/06-Slave to the Hourglass CD Review-Powermetal.de site (Germany)

CAROLINE BLUE's "Slave to the Hourglass" CD has just been reviewed by powermetal.de (Germany). Click http://www.powermetal.de/cdreview/review-8340.html to check it out. A translation of the review is posted below (Thanks Ela!) Tach, hier is das Review von: Caroline Blue - Slave To The Hourglass Promotion: carolineblue13@yahoo.com (unkorrigierte und noch nicht freigegebene Fassung - die endgültige Version gibt's später hier:) http://www.powermetal.de/cdreview/review-8340.html Ein Trio aus dem Bundesstaat New York hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht in dieser klassischen Besetzung den guten alten Hardrock am Leben zu erhalten. Weder Musik, noch die Songs an sich sind besonders originell, aber dafür sehr effektiv. Das Trio, bei dem Gitarrist Wayne W. Johnson auch den Gesang übernimmt und seine beiden Mitstreiter Monster Mike Merrifield (D, der in der Zwischenzeit scheinbar den vakanten Posten hinter dem Schlagzeug fix übernommen hat, während er sich das Drumming auf der Scheibe mit Dave Victory geteilt hat) und Jonny Sniper am Bass, machen gar kein Hehl daraus von Bands wie KISS oder MÖTLEY CRÜE beeinflusst worden zu sein. Schon der Titelsong, der "Slave To The Hourglass" eröffnet, macht deutlich, dass KISS hier Pate gestanden haben, während in Folge festzustellen ist, dass Vince Neil und Konsorten doch wesentlich rotziger drauf losrockten als CAROLINE BLUE. Die drei jungen New Yorker gehen es nämlich verhältnismäßig gemächlich an, wissen dabei aber durc haus zu überzeugen. Schlecht gemacht ist die Sache nämlich keineswegs, denn amtlich Headbangen und / oder Abrocken ist bei Songs wie 'The Queen Of Pleasure' oder dem Rausschmeißer 'Too Late' uneingeschränkt möglich. Die Songs sind allesamt mit zwingenden Hooks ausgestattet und werden auch nach mehreren Durchläufen nicht enttäuschen. Diese Art von Musik ist eben genauso zeitlos wie jene der Vorbilder ihrer Macher. ANSPIELTIPPS: Slave To The Hourglass, The Queen Of Pleasure, Too Late Walter Scheurer A TRIO FROM THE STATE OF NEW YORK,MADE IT THEMSELVES BY MAKING IT TO THE FINISH LINE TO KEEP THE CLASSIC ROCK ALIVE. NOR MUSIC OR SONGS ARE THAT ORIGINAL,BUT NONETHELESS ARE VERY EFFECTIVE,THE TRIO ,WHERE GUITARIST WAYNE JOHNSON IS ALSO TAKING THE LEAD BY BEING THE SINGER AND ACCOMPANIED BY DRUMMER MIKE MERRIFIELD(WHO HAS SEEMED TO TAKE OVER THE VACANT POSITION ),WHICH IS ALSO SHARED BY DRUMMER DAVE VICTORY ON THEIR CD. AND WITH JONNY SNIPER ON BASS,THE TRIO MAKES NO SECRET OF BEING INFLUENCED BY BANDS LIKE KISS AND MOTLEY CRUE.ALREADY THE TITLESONG"SLAVE TO THE HOURGLASS"SHOWS CLEARLY THAT KISS PLAYED A SPONSOR IN THIS SONG,BUT FOLKS LIKE VINCE NEIL AND FELLOW MUSICIANS WOULD HAVE BEEN ROCKING AT IT MORE HEAVIER AS CAROLINE BLUE DID.THE THREE YOUNG NEW YORKERS ARE STARTING OUT VERY MELLOW,BUT ARE VERY CONVINCING.THE WORK IS DEFINETLY NOT BAD AND WITH HEADBANGING SONGS LIKE "QUEEN OF PLEASURE" AND THE THROW OUT SONG "TOO LATE" IS JUST LIKE THEIR PREVIOUS ROLEMODELS~TIMELESS.AND AFTER NUMEROUS AMOUNTS OF PLAYING REALLY IS NOT DISSAPOINTING. SONGTIPPS~SLAVE TO THE HOURGLASS,QUEEN OF PLEASURE,TOO LATE. -Walter Scheurer


For the last couple of weeks, reports have been coming in about a "surprise" that was to happen at the band's Inner Harbor show. That surprised was reveiled at the show-CAROLINE BLUE has a new bass player! His name is Johnny Sniper and not only does he play bass, but he sings as well! Believe it or not, we have the skinny on Johnny cause we're that damm good! :) Check out Johnny's BIO and FACTS N STATS-as well as CB's Temp. on Drums Monster Mike Merrifield! Also, if you'd like to add Johnny Sniper as a friend via My Space, click HERE to add him!

9/3/06-CAROLINE BLUE Opens for OHK at the Inner Harbor in Syracuse-9/7/06

CAROLINE BLUE will be opening for One Hard Krank at The Inner Harbor in Syracuse,NY on Thursday September 7,2006. The band starts at 6 PM and admission is FREE. CAROLINE BLUE will be performing songs from their upcoming CD. Filling in on drums is Monster Mike Merrifield (OHK/Dogs on Mars).

8/26/06-CAROLINE BLUE Video Shoot

CAROLINE BLUE will be filming part of their new concept video for the song "Slave to the Hourglass" at The Half Penny Pub in Syracuse,NY on Sunday 8/27/2006. This event is open to the public. CAROLINE BLUE will NOT be performing any songs this day-only the filming for their new concept video by Underground Music Television (UVTV). Filming is schedualled to start at 2 PM. If enough people show up (wearing CAROLINE BLUE shirts-HINT! hee hee), the crowd might be filmed as well. Thank you all again for your support!

7/16/06-Slave to the Hourglass CD Review-Metalliville.com (United Kingdom)

Glenn of Metalliville Caroline Blue Slave to the Hourglass (E.P) (WWJ Productions 2006) A good ole metal 3-piece from Syracuse, New York who take us back to the mid 80s with their Kiss like sound and Paul Stanleyish vocals. Its a five tracker with songs that have cool playing and plenty of hooks such as those found in Mine, Mine, Mine or the cheesey lyriced The Queen of Pleasure with its throbbing distorted rhythm playing. Keep the cd player on till track 13 as its really funny a telephone call of complaining from their landlord. 7.5/10 By Glenn Milligan --EZCODE ITALIC END--

6/25/06-Slave to the Hourglass CD Review-Glam-Metal.com

Here's another great CD Review of "Slave to the Hourglass" from Glam-Metal.com Caroline Blue Slave to the Hourglass Band Line-up (which has since changed from this release): Wayne Johnson-vocals & guitar, Mike Merrifield & Dave Victory, drums; Jamie Criscione-Bass Stand-out Tracks: Mine, Mine, Mine The Queen of Pleasure This five-song release comes from Syracuse NY. Singer/guitarist Wayne Johnson is a promotions animal, and has no problem attracting attention; as hes got that rockstar persona the ladies swoon over and a voice that has an uncanny resemblance to that of Paul Stanley of Kiss (which just happens to be one of his biggest influences), and he aint half bad on the six-string either! In fact, the guitar riffs and solos are the shining stars on the tracks The Queen of Pleasure, and Hard Life. This band embodies all things 80s and does it up right with stinging guitars and a live show that provides plenty of raw energy. Although the band has gone through a recent line-up change, anyone who fancies Kiss, or old school 80s hair metal, is sure to get a rise outta this CD. As Wayne states, Currently we're recording our new CD at Strangeland Audio Studios in Phoenix, NY with Scott Patnode doing the producing/engineering. I'm doing all the vocals/guitar & bass as well as executive producing. The drums are done by Monster Mike Merrifield. There will be 12 songs with some possible bonus/hidden tracks. We're anticipating a late summer/fall release, but will take as long as needed to make sure it's the best it can be! Check em out at : www.carolineblue.com Rating out of 10: 6.5 Review by Tracey L

6/19/06-"Slave to the Hourglass" CD Review-Hardrock Haven

Well, it had to happen sometime...the boys got a bad review for their "Slave to the Hourglass" CD. The site is Hardrock Haven and the review is reprinted below. I'm not sure, but I think the reviewer is NOT a KISS fan :) Caroline Blue Slave to the Hourless Independent by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer Comments: Caroline Blue is a three member melodic rock outfit from upstate New York. The first question that comes to mind when the laser hits the disc is why the @#@is a band trying to sound like KISS in 2006? The music is solid if not above average, but it sounds like a KISS tribute record. And it is impossible to get past that. And no matter what anyone has ever, said KISS sucks @#N They were 90mage and 10 ubstance. There is a hidden track that actually is a voice mail from their landlord that asks them to stop pissing off the neighbors, including making humping motions with a stuiffed animal. Now that @#@is funny. The recommendation here is to do anything in the world but sound like those KISS cheese dicks with their next creative project. Overall, the music is pretty well done so it is painful to do this, but this CD is certainly not one worth your hard earned 15 dollars. Band Members Azriel Mordecai (Bass) Metal J (Drums/ Backing Vocals) Wayne W. Johnson (Guitar/ Lead Vocals) Track listing: (1)-Slave to the Hourglass (2)-Mine,Mine,Mine (3)-Hard Life (4)-The Queen of Pleasure (5)-Too Late (6)-Inertia (Hidden Track) (7)- "Stuffed Fun" (Hidden Track) HRH Rating: 3/10