ORIGINAL Vibro Champs REUNION!!! JULY 30th in MidWest...

I should post this... I'll be up to Minneapolis for my B-Day July 29th... I think I got the ORIGINAL Vibro Champs back together for the shows. We are 87% on this one. The shows are July 30 Lee's Liquor and Sunday Aug. 1st at Club Jägger from 3pm tp 10pm. I will have more info soon. -DW

Off to Sweden for Midsummer Festival June 24th

Booking shows as we speak for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. I have a Midsummer Festival show booked on the night of June 25th. It a BIG thing over there. Everyone is very happy the show is gone for a time. Midsummer may simply refer to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place around the 24th of June and the preceding evening.

I'm also playing the Power Big Meet in Västerås, SWEDEN. It is well-known that Big Meet is the largest outdoors car show in the world. With about 10,000 visiting vehicles the meet is an outstanding experience. If you have been to Big Meet previously you know what I'm are talking about. If you’ve never taken the chance you do not know what you have been missing! INCREDIBLE is the only thing I can say.

Power Big Meet is July 8-9-10.... I will be playing with the Go Getters the 8th and 9th. Check out the web site: http://www.bigmeet.com/visitorinfo.php

I will also post the new Nordic shows as soon as i get more info. The addresses and venues are not alway easy for us Americans to distinguish. So... I want to wait till I get the info right. Please check back soon. -DWolfe