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I'm Online

My music is on line at CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes, and rhapsody. Check me out. Look for Toni McGuire.

Starbucks Open Mic

This is totally awesome. If you watch Food Network and know Guy Fieri, this place is off the chain! I just played three and told all about my upcoming event at Rev Coffee and now I am listening to a band do some old school tunes. An awesome night.

Happily Ever After

Like the writing process of some of my other songs, "Happily Ever After" is written based on personal experience. My husband and I were having some issues in our marriage and we went to counseling. I highly recommend counseling for anyone who needs it. Anyway, the song came about while we were in counseling. It is about our journey. Examining why we were where we were and what we had to fight for. As you can see we did resolve our differnces and are back and better together than ever. "Happily Ever After or HEA" was written after our remarriage ceremony where Rev. Joyce Young, the officiant whispered in my ear that now we were going to live 'Happily Ever After or HEA'. For me art reflects life.

Me...A Christian Artist

I had a wake up call yesterday. I started out 7 years ago as a Christian artist and over the years I had gotten it into my head that I needed to be more PC in order to attrack more of a fan base. While I do understand that there are different belief systems and faiths the world over, I am NOT ASHAMED to say I'm a Christian and that my music is basically that. The last two years have been huge for me with the realization that I don't have to be pigeon holed into one genre, but the truth is I write and sing about what I've experienced and know. For me that means my faith in God and what it means in my life. How has my faith helped me during times of stress in my life and how when things are going great can I see God. All we have to do is take a look at nature to see God's work. Looking closer at the people in your life you can see God at work again. Don't forget my two upcoming events Thursday March 17 at Starbucks 1025 East West Connector in Austell from 7-9PM. Friday March 25 at Rev Coffee 1680-B Spring Road in Smyrna.

Kat's Cafe

Had a blast last night at Kat's Cafe. Giving a shout out to Reginald J. with Divine Elements, fabulous job and I look forward to coming out again soon.

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See ya soon!

Lady Toni