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Video Uploads on YouKu.com

Hey out there. Have you been wishing that you had access to some more songs by LT&N? Well you are in luck, I just put some videos up on Youku.com Check them out and let us know how you like them! Rev Coffee in Smyrna, USA http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDc5OTM0OTI0.html Can Anybody Out There http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDc5OTM4MDQw.html

From China!

Hey Fans and Friends, It has been awhile since I last blogged and things have changed. Right now I'm writing from Zhengzhou, China. I can't put anything up on YouTube from here, but China has YOUKU which is like YouTube but this can be seen truly anywhere you have internet. Here are the youku addresses: for Don't Want no Trouble : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDY3MTk5MzEy.html

for Mom's Day Off :http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDY3MTkyMDAw.html

Check them out. I had fun writing them and I'm looking forward to doing more with Nate when we get a drum for him. Keep posted!

Rev Fest and More

Had and awesome weekend of it. Saturday Nate and I played at Rev Fest where we tried out our new name LT&N. We also had the opportunity to try out Nate's new djembe. He got it Thursday evening and we have been working hard at getting practice in and playing it. Today, Sunday we went to Delmar Nursing and Rehab Center and were a part of Good Shepherd Ministries (Chuck, Nate, and I) as we brought a church service to those who couldn't get out. It was awesome and the residents all asked us to come back. We will every third Sunday. I'm so glad, it was a blast! Anyway, I did upload a new video of Psalm 91 a song I began in TN and this week added a new verse to it. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks Mom, Cousin Robert, and ofcourse Nate!

Had an awesome time at Rev Coffee tonight. Got to play 5 songs tonight. The first three were part of my first set. I played 'Touching Their Lives', '6 O'Clock' and 'To the Stars & Past the Moon'. After we played tonight we all got to play two more songs. I played 'Love Fell', and 'My Love - The Blue-Eyes Song' It was a great night. Can't wait for the next open mic getting ready for Rev Fest April 14 at Rev Coffee.

Saturday Rocked OUT LOUD!

Man, you missed an inspired time. Saturday morning I was blessed to perform two special music pieces at Grandview Seventh Day Adventist church and while I ministered in music, I also got a wonderful message from the speaker that morning. To fully walk in Gods Blessings and Grace we MUST die to our selves, die to sin and rely on God to take care of things. It isn't about actual death, when Baptized we all die to the way we were and are new creatures in God. Live that 24/7 to fully realize what you can do for God. Allow Him to use you. And as is so often the way, when the word of God is spoken, I saw places to apply that word in my life almost immediately. I didn't worry about students coming on Saturdays, we were there and whomever showed up would get a lesson. Later during our sound check for the Fund Raiser, the young woman who put this together was stressing about who hadn't shown up yet. I told her to relax, that this was God's and He would make sure all who were supposed to be there were present. No sooner than those words came out of my mouth did one of the acts she was concerned about show up. When the soloist before me was a no show I was put on to go and as I was waiting in the wings to go on, she too came. Sometimes we need to just get out of God's way and let Him handle things. The young lady who was late told us of how Satan was attacking her family in every way and asked us to pray for her. I'm asking you my fans to also be in prayer for her. Her name is Michelle and God knows what she is walking through right now I ask that you pray for a healing to her and her family.

Well as much fun as this weekend has been, I'm tired so rest for the day is in order, but I do have a St. Patty's day gig and I've been looking for "Irish" music to play for the event also some originals that meld with that vibe. Shoot me a message with your favorite Irish tune. Maybe I'm already working on it for the show.

See ya later, Blessings Lady Toni

PS My hubby gifted me with a parcel of land in Scotland, so I really am Lady Toni now. How cool is that?

PPS Don't forget to check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyToniGA?feature=guide

Rev on Wednesday

Hi fans and friends,

I've been busy signing up students and haven't posted about Wednesday at Rev. The singing was great. Really enjoyed myself and hearing the other great talent out. Loved hearing from Timmy, Teel, and Aegis, just to name a few who were out.

I played two ('His Plan' and 'Gaelic Blessing') of the four songs that I will be playing at Grandview Saturday. I'll be providing special music during their regularly scheduled Church Service at 10:50AM and then again at the Food Pantry Fundraiser at 7PM. Please do come out and support the Food Pantry. The event is Dinner and Show and for $6.00 you get just that. A show with lots of performers (listed on my schedule) and a delicious chicken or vegan meal. Looking forward to it and Rev has always been the perfect place to try out material before a gig.


PS don't forget to check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyToniGA?feature=guide

Lady Toni

New on Youtube.com

Check out my video channel on youtube at this address: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyToniGA?feature=guide


Happy New Year my fans. We had an awesome and musical New Years Eve at Our Place Bakery Cafe. I played as did Sir James and his band, PJ, and Just Jo with Mr. Tony closed out the night and brought us up to midnight. It was awesome watching the East Point police drive with lights flashing around Main Street to welcome in the New Year. There will be some upcoming events at Our Place, come on out and see them, those and events at Rev Coffee in Smyrna.

Rev Coffee

Last night was great. Had a lot of fun at Rev Coffee last night. I played five songs last night because we were light on artists coming out. As promised in my 'tweet' last night here is my play list. "?", "Christmas is Coming", "His Plan", "6 O'Clock", "To the Stars and Past the Moon". So, of those five, do you know what is the song that I like the most? If you were there last night you do. But to be honest each song I write has a special place in my heart because I write about what happens in my life. Like 'His Plan' I wrote that because I was and still am frustrated at people commenting on someone else's life and not worrying about what they are doing. I don't know about everyone else, but I have enough going on in my life to not worry about someone else's. "6 O'Clock" I wrote when my husband had a day job as a reflection of how he felt coming home knowing that Nate and I were in the house waiting for him. You can see what is going on in my life, or has gone on, by what I write and sing about. Come on out to Marlee's Coffee & Teahouse next Tuesday and hear more.

See you there!

So Blessed

I'm just loving doing what I do. Had a Listening Party on Saturday and I want to thank those who came out. I also want to thank my mom for asking my uncle and his family to come out. Free CD on the way to you.

I played somewhere in the area of 22 songs, the majority are originals. Did some public domain songs for Chirstmas and two covers. The Listening Party was the wonderful conclusion to a musical week for me. On Thanksgiving Night I was part of a holiday tradition here in the south. I was part of the Macy's All-Star Holiday Choir that sang at the lighting of the Great Tree on Macy's in Lenox Mall. It was awesome and so was the Listening Party. Good food and punch accompanied an afternoon of music, and I got a suggestion for the song that I don't have a title for it. Thank you Uncle Frank. Thanks for my husband Chuck for making sure that the sound was good, my son Nate was my videographer. Thank you son. Uncle Frank, Antoine, Star, and Derek thank you for coming. Mom thanks for always coming and supporting me. Thommi, Robbin, and Sensei Lennie, thank you for coming out and also supporting.

I am so very thankful and look forward to my next outing! Be always Blessed!