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They're here!

'Distant Places' has arrived and is available from me for an introductory price of $10.

My First CD

Excited that my first CD, "Distant Places", will be here this week. Big step forward. There comes a time when you realize that 'finished' isn't likely going to happen. So I had to get it 'done' and out there. I called it 'Distant Places' because the songs were written a while ago (see paragraph one); some so long ago I don't even remember being there at all. They are a lot like photographs of places I have travelled to. Some are places I will visit again; some are places I'll never go back to. So it's done. Hope you like it as much as I do. On to number two! Steve

Here I Am On ReverbNation

Well. Here I am on ReverbNation. This is a lot like feeling your way in the dark. I remember, as a kid of eight or so, going to a "funhouse" at a local fair. It was hardly fun - pitch black inside and the only choice was to feel your way around. I happened on a girl and began hanging onto the sweater, determined to not let go at any cost! (Poor girl; I don't think her sweater was the same after that.) I was thankful to finally see the daylight. This has been a lot like that except that I haven't found the sweater yet. Hopefully, the lights will come on soon. Hope you enjoy my stuff.