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Ep Continued FEB 2012

Hey Y’all. Tis complete! So I had great fun working on this record. Sam Bates from “The ladder factory” did some top work to ensure that everything sounded shipshape, I also wanna thank the boys in the band without who things just wouldn’t happen. This has been by far my biggest project to date and I am really happy with the way the tracks have come out. I have uploaded the EP to this ling for everyone to listen to at their leisure. http://soundcloud.com/mikesmind22/sets/back-along-ep I’d love to get everyone’s thoughts and feedback etc.. A digital only release will follow shortly once I’ve got all the boring stuff out the way with all the well known online stores and various outlets. I am also working on a string of launch dates around April time. (Of corse I will inform you as and when) Hope you like what you hear and take care.. Mike x

Conversation EP#1

On the 23d of October 2011 we FINALLY get to start work on the new EP. we will be recording at “The Ladder Factory… “ out in Shrivenham, which is all very exciting seeing as it’s BRAND new! We will spend the first session tracking drums (which is pretty standard for most recording sessions now I think of it so a bit of a waste of your sweet time to tell you that really!) Anyway, Moving on! Had things gone right we would have done most of the project live, but trough a mixture of it being seemingly nigh on impossible to get everyone in the same room at the same time and me wanting the record to be as good as it could be (OBVIOUSLY), we settled on 3 separate sessions.

I’m hoping we will get all done before Christmas but judging by the way these things seem to go, I won’t set a solid wrap up date yet! Either way I plan to keep everyone up to date all the way through the process, so there will be more blog posts, emails, photos and maybe even the odd video to follow. See! just when you thought I had left you alone! The line up of musicians appearing on the record is as follows:

Mike Oliver (Lead Vocals) (Shocker!)

Olly King (Guitar/ Backing Vox)

Jamie O’sullivan (Drums/Hilarious Backing Vocals. Trust, me they are immense!)

Nick Weaver (General session musician and all round extra pair of ears!)

I’m sure you’ve noticed there is a MASSIVE deep sounding face shaking constant grooving hole in this lineup. A Bass Player. But I will say I have a few unconfirmed options that I’m considering so watch this space for more Bass related news!

Lastly we are opening the 2011 Swindon Youth Fest on the 22d of October 2011 from 12:15 with an acoustic show. This would be a great opportunity to meet a few of you and chat to you about how things are going. So be for to Like the Facebook page, attend the event, and follow me on Twitter!




Oh and Google+! https://plus.google.com/107010366330534921223/posts

Actually to tell you the truth I haven’t done a lot with that yet. It doesn’t seem to have taken off here yet- but if it does I’ll be there!

Seriously though, I will go where ever the community goes and I am truly grateful to the people who have taken the time to read this and I hope you will enjoy hearing about how this record came about along the way!

Summer 2011

Dear All The summer has turned out to be a very busy time for all concerned.

I am now in preparation for my new record. As some of you may know, over the past two summers I have been into the studio twice the first of which was to complete what has become my first EP. This also served as my first time in a “real” studio so it was a learning curve as much as anything. The second time was July 2010 when I had been working with Olly for about two months and felt it was time to track the batch of songs we had written together up to that point. The demo received some good feedback from organizations like Green Man Music and this really gave us the foundation to feel like we could push on. So that brings us to the forthcoming new record. Following the success of the demo we continued to write songs in a similar way to how we had done prior to going in to the studio. I remember a very organic period in terms of songwriting, me and Olly were spending a lot of time together at that point getting a good number of songs down. Not only were the songs becoming more frequent, they seemed to be becoming more complex in terms of arrangement too. There came a time a few months ago where we had all these songs and we really felt we were honing in on our style.

Initially I thought we needed someone from outside the setup to sit down and help us strip the songs back before our next record. That “someone came in the shape of Sam Bates. Sam came very highly recommended from three or four contacts and friends who’s opinions I trust so I figured it would be a good way to go. I have not really taken pre-production into account before now, the two previous sessions consisted of me going into the studio for six hours a time, tracking, and heading home. That is really the key difference with this record I think, up until now I have spent a total of twelve hours on my recording projects as a whole. This time around we are spending a total of twenty four hours on just the recording, so that’s discounting pre-production and demoing etc. Another key difference and perhaps the most exciting, is that we now have a whole band onboard. This was also something we felt needed to happen after putting the songs together for the record.

As I write I am awaiting the hopefully imminent arrival of Olly. Tonight we plan to get all the demos of possible songs for the record down ready to send of to Sam for his evaluation.

This is definitely a really exciting time for all, and we would be honoured if you would come along with us.

Mike Oliver Music: The Mind Behind The New Boy

So, this month I have been invited to open a show at The Rich Mix Arts Centre in London. This is pleasing for me on a couple of levels. firstly the gig will act as a nice starting point to the stretch of three shows we have scheduled for April. We have two more shows at The Living Room Oxford, and perhaps most notably a headline show at The Arts Centre in Swindon shortly after the London show. Secondly because it will give me my first real chance to connect with people in a place that’s on the map as far as a music scene goes. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking people it Milton Keynes or Hampshire here, it’s just I have found since I have been able to say that Iv’e got a gig in London coming up people have sat up and paid attention just a little bit more.

In a addition I will be plugging my first EP, “Things I See” at the gig, with an acoustic version of the title track early on in the set. This will offer a real chance to see how my live sets can influence my sales in a crowd of people that really care about original music!

If you have never seen me play live before, the one thing I will say is I have a no nonsense approach. In other words you are not gonna see me flying above the stage in a cage or jumping around in a pink leotard. I prefer to do things the old fashioned and I guess very folky kind of way. Just one guitar, one vocal, and one mic. As for my songs well I will leave the links below and you can Judge for yourself, However the best self assessment I can give is if you are the type that sings along to Bad Romance in the mirror you should maybe leave well alone and save the £8 on the door London for GaGa’s next album. Conversely though if you’re a “see what happens” kind of person then come down, have a listen, come and chat after and hey, if I like you I’ll even buy you a beer!

Going back to the simple live setup, this is mostly because me and my guitarist have decided it’s way more cost effective to keep it that way. However it also comes back to the “no hassle” theory. Trust me as much as I’d love to have a band I’m not quite there yet.

Plus I should also say that Olly, (my Guitarist) is a huge part of why I get to do what I do and it’s kind of nice giging with someone you know you can trust. Even though it’s quite possible that our first album, which we plan to track in The late summer will sound a bit more “radio ready” then what I have described. But hey, we’ll see right?

So anyway before I get too off topic, this was just a quick post to tell you a bit about the guy from Swindon that you’ve never heard of. And I know what it takes to come out and support a complete unknown, but your presence at any of the shows mentioned (details of which are linked below) would be massively appreciated,

And who knows, you might even like me!



Dec 2010:BBC Interview.. + Other Biz!

Hey guys!

First of all, I am Thrilled to announce that I will be appearing on the "BBC Ouch" podcast next month.

it will be recorded on Jan 10th and will be up on itunes soon after. I will be sure to link you all to it in the new year.

Sorry this blog has been so empty since I joined, More detailed Bio type entries to follow once I have figured out how to write them without waffling on too much!

Anyway, All that's left to say is that I am ecstatic about this new "Micro Fan-base that is developing on here, and I promise to keep going as far as I can for as long as you guys are behind what I'm doing.

Thank you So much and season's greetings!

Mike xx